Should Trump Support Legalizing Marijuana? [video]

Should Trump Support Legalizing Marijuana? [video]

Should Trump Support Legalizing Marijuana? [video]

It’s only a matter of time before recreational marijuana is legal in all fifty states. How do you feel about that?

Apparently President Trump recently made a pledge to Republican Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado, saying he would support legislation favoring marijuana in states where it has been legalized.

“President Trump has assured me that he will support a federalism-based legislative solution to fix this states’ rights issue once and for all,” Gardner said in a statement.

White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Gardner’s account was accurate and the president supported states’ rights in the matter.

Gardner hopes to introduce bipartisan legislation keeping the federal government from interfering in state marijuana markets.

Trump must be at odds in his own mind with decision. Trump has previously discussed his own brother’s addiction to alcohol, and that conflicts with a statement to support legalized marijuana. And that, at least superficially, conflicts with the supposed war on opioids. And all of this conflicts with what Jeff Sessions is doing at DOJ. The lean to protect a marijuana industry could only be explained by Trump’s business bias.

Trump has said in the past that Freddy’s death had a “tremendous impact” on him. Perhaps most notably, he does not drink alcohol, do drugs, or smoke cigarettes, avoiding these vices because of his brother’s alcoholism.

Studies conflict on how dangerous/or just bad for you marijuana is. Maybe it is no worse than alcohol, but maybe people should be concerned about the drug’s effect on young people who are more likely to become addicted if they use it before age 25.

Yet if Trump follows through on his commitment to Gardner, the political equation could change. Trump’s support for looser federal marijuana laws could draw other Republicans to join him. A Gallup poll in October found 67% of Americans support marijuana legalization. That support is bipartisan. For the first time, the poll found, most Republican voters favored legalization.

“It has been a long and difficult process, but we may now be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel,” said an email from Mason Tvert, who co-directed the campaign to legalize recreational marijuana in Colorado. “This is one more step toward ending the irrational policy of marijuana prohibition, not only in Colorado, but throughout the country.”

It’s inevitable. The only question is whether you want it to happen fast, or slow?

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  • Scott says:


    Great post, though i’m not sure that the Presidents position is at odds to his earlier stated one. As an example, I live in Colorado. I think legalization was a bad idea (in large part because of all the california idiots that came here for legal weed), I’ve seen the dangers of it (I work in EMS, and while the argument that “you can’t OD on weed” may be true for smoking it, edibles, extracts, etc. have proven that you can in fact OD, and there have been numerous deaths related to that), but all that being said, I am in favor of states having more latitude to decide such things. I’d like to see the Fed stay out of states rights issues, unless there is a clear infringement of Constitutional rights (as in 2nd Amendment cases)

    • Jenny North says:

      You’re right, I don’t think he ever previously stated he was opposed to marijuana, but his stance on opioids and his brother would’ve made me think he wouldn’t come down on this side, except for a business mindset. The industry has developed and it will mean lots of people lose if the law regresses.

      I am personally torn on the issue. I think it’s inevitable, but I also think people are ignoring the dangers – especially for young people – as you noted. I don’t want it anywhere around me, but just having taken that stance publicly has made others already feel uncomfortable with me. Tolerance! I usually come down on the side of states’ rights too, so there is that.

  • Bob Rich says:

    Of course. Up to the states.

    Jeff Sessions needs to retire or give up his obsession with weed and more so, Civil Forfeiture.

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  • Bella Dushner says:

    I think Trump should support the marijuana to be legalized in America as one of the countries who have most of the people support marijuana are from his country and as I read here it also helps us to cure many illnesses nowadays. And as long as the user did not make any harm to others it is safe.

    • Kate says:

      Can you cite specifically which illnesses weed has cured?

      • Scott says:

        LOL.. seeing as Bella can’t even form coherent sentences, I doubt seriously that she could cite sources… (a little too stoned maybe?)

      • Allan H says:

        I think the word cure is overused when it comes to cannabis but there are certainly many conditions that it can help manage and alleviate the symptoms of. The story of Charlotte Figi is an important one in the history of medical cannabis use and worth a read Also as of the last few days the FDA has approved the use of Epodiolex which is the same as Charlotte’s Web. It will be prescribed to children with treatment resistant forms of epilepsy where it has shown major promise.

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