S.E. Cupp Gets The Vapors Over “Rude” Conservatives

S.E. Cupp Gets The Vapors Over “Rude” Conservatives

S.E. Cupp Gets The Vapors Over “Rude” Conservatives

We admit we haven’t paid much attention to S.E. Cupp since she traded her brains and morals for Leftwing morsels of attention. However, the little zombie engages in random acts of performance art targeting fellow Republicans (snort, guffaw) that catches even our attention. For the belly laughs.

CNN, the Democrat party’s PR outlet, has seen its rating fall off a cliff without President Trump and other non-leftists to wax apoplectic 24/7. They are reduced to trying to drum up attention by covering — breathlessly shocked, of course — the Fox commentariat.


Conservative (sic) CNN commentator S.E. Cupp spoke out about Fox News host Jesse Watters’ admission that he relishes “disarray on the left.” (snip)

In the clip, Watters drew laughs from his co-hosts by telling them “I work at Fox. I wanna see disarray on the left. It’s good for America. It’s good for our ratings.”

OMG, my fellow Americans! Clutch your pearls and call for the fainting couch! Jesse Watters made a funny at the Left’s expense!!


Hyperbolic sneers from Cupp aren’t anything new. She’s been whoring for the Left since she got her CNN gig, which makes one wonder how sincere her claims to conservativism were in the past, and #OrangeManBad fully broke her. How dare the hoi polloi not just accept what the Ruling Class does for “their own good”? How dare anyone challenge the status quo of Dominatrix Democrats and masochistic eGOPers? Cupp’s embrace of the Left has robbed her of any kind of balance, rationality, and she can’t even use standard memes correctly.

“Yeah, it’s the quiet part, he said the quiet part,” Ms. Cupp agreed.

Uh, wanting the unAmerican left to be too busy fighting amongst themselves that it keeps them from further harm of America has never been “the quiet part” of sane America. Wanting America to stay America isn’t the quiet part.

But Cupp has abandoned America as America. There’s nothing to be proud of, indeed, to be patriotic, to celebrate July 4th or the Founders is nothing more than pornography

(Cupp) excoriated the Republican Party, claiming it was trying to squash both voting and protesting. She declared that the GOP “makes pornography of patriotism and practically fellates the Founding Fathers.” She also claimed that Republicans were trying to “rape democracy.”

If your biggest idea — your biggest problem — is that there is too much democracy, and so, “There’s too much voting — we’ve got to crack down on that — too much speech and protest and we’ve got to crack down on that — too much access to information, let’s crack down on that.” I mean, what a punch in the gut. And for a party — the Republican party — that makes pornography of patriotism and practically fellates the Founding Fathers — it is jarring and disorientating to watch them attack America this way.

Cupp said that in April 2021 while the orgy of iconoclasm against Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and others was well documented. Something that President Trump actually predicted.

But endless months of Democrat-enabled riots, arson, looting and murder are not important when a Fox commentator is making his co-hosts giggle. Biden inflation? The return to oil dependency? The FBI going after parents? Andrew Cuomo getting away with killing grandma?

Oh no, S.E. Cupp wants to tell us what Watters really means then argue with her own fiction.

I think what he just did is really articulate the three pillars of the new American right.”

Cupp explained that the first pillar is “that there are two Americas, not one. He talks about, you know, wanting to see disarray on the left, as if it is somehow not also wanting to see disarray in America, and not just in a political party, but wants real pain in the streets.”

She went on to say that the second pillar “is that the cruelty is the point, right? They want to see the pain and the disarray. They want people like Joe Biden and AOC and Pelosi and liberals to suffer. They’re not interested in changing hearts and minds with ideas. They want to see the pain because the cruelty is the point.


Oky doky, Missy Sarah-Beth, that’s some weapons-grade projection. While the Left is on a full rampage of trying to permanently rig elections, deplatforming/purging/canceling all WrongThink™ across all media, demanding Maoist Struggle Sessions across America and using both the Wuhan virus and rising crime to control/punish the masses, you mendaciously bleat about changing hearts and minds with ideas.

The Left isn’t interested in any ideas but their own race-obsessed, neo-feudal authoritarianism. This is what the Left wants:

Come close, Sarah-Beth. Let me say this with all sincerity: Let’s Go Cupp!

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  • Jack says:

    I heard (read) Mary Catherine Hamm’s name just the other day, now this.
    Sounds to me she’s wanting grow up to fill Jennifer Rubin’s conservative shoes at the Bezos Blog.

  • Taylor says:

    I used to like S.E. Cupp but once she went over to The New York Daily News I knew she joined the dark side. She used to be on Greg Guteld’s show a lot.

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