Roundup Time: Target-Rich Douchery Environment

Roundup Time: Target-Rich Douchery Environment

Roundup Time: Target-Rich Douchery Environment

From national to local, the incidents of mind-numbing stupidity, mendacity and villainy keep rolling on.

CBS doubles-down on malicious libel

After the immediate outcry from both sides of the political divide that 60 Minutes “scoop” about pay-for-play in Florida was made-up from whole cloth, CBS’s new stance is that it was never really about that but about DeSantis’ being RAAAACIST about vax distribution.

Now CBS News claims its report concentrated on minorities not having access to the vaccines. (snip)
DeSantis listed numerous places that had the vaccines during a Wednesday press conference. CBS had an excuse:

CBS News dismissed the list of hospitals, health care facilities, faith-based centers, and pop-up sites DeSantis presented at a press conference earlier Wednesday, insisting they were “not available to most seniors in Palm Beach County in January and part of February” and that a “majority” still have to rely on Publix to get the vaccine.

Um. No.

We’ve certainly been down this douchery path of FakeNews with CBS before.

CBS fake news

BLM Activist charged with “hate crime”

This is our shocked face.

A Black Lives Matter protester who demonstrated at Seattle’s CHOP autonomous zone last summer has been charged with hate crimes against Asian-American women

Douchery killed Satire

Well, it is Portland, after all.

A Portland high school has delayed a vote on a new mascot after a board member complained that changing the mascot to an evergreen tree might have racist connotations. (snip)

According to the Portland Tribune, (Portland Public Schools Board of Education Director Michelle) DePass asked the renaming and mascot committee, “I’m wondering if there was any concern with the imagery there, in using a tree…as our mascot?”

“I think everyone comes with blind spots and I think that might’ve been a really big blind spot,” she added.


More Portlandia Douchery

You really can’t make this excrement up.

Portland, Oregon’s City Council approved $1.4 million for “unarmed” patrols to be stationed in parks to fight gun crime. (snip)

The money for the “unarmed” patrols is part of a larger $6 million plan intended to fight gun violence in the city. The largest portion of the money–$4.1 million–“will be earmarked for community groups that work in the neighborhoods hardest-hit by gunfire.”

None of the money okayed by the City Council will go to the police.

That should go well, don’t you think?

We must destroy Musical Theater in order to save it

My Fair Lady? The Music Man? Sound of Music? Hey, man … that modern Western artform of the 19th century needs to be DISRUPTED!

Village Theatre asked job applicants to explain how they would “disrupt the toxic whiteness of the musical theatre genre.” They say it was asked in error. But how much of an error was this?

Even Professor Harold Hill wouldn’t attempt these kind of Leftwing douchery scams.

Keep your powder dry and your eyes peeled, partners. Until next time.

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