Roundup Time: Leftwing Bad Pennies Can’t Help Themselves

Roundup Time: Leftwing Bad Pennies Can’t Help Themselves

Roundup Time: Leftwing Bad Pennies Can’t Help Themselves

Annnnnd… just like that, Wuhan Lab Lung Rot hysterics and posturing disappears from Pravda Media’s front page. Of course, the pivot to We’re all Ukrainians now is just as cynical.

Reset Hillary’s gaslighting

Really? She’s calling out aid and comfort to Russia and a huge bolt of lightening didn’t turn her into a greasy spot after paying for Russian disinformation and diddling with reset buttons?



Obama makes an appearance to talk about …

Barry has never missed an opportunity to make any anniversary about his favorite subject: himself

The unfortunate, but justified, killing of Martin isn’t really about the lessons the race-hustlers and grifters would have you believe. Martin should be as anonymous as any other bully who figured there was little risk into pounding a smaller person’s head into the sidewalk.

Bad Barry must be looking for another infusion of filthy lucre. We wish he’d just …



1619 fabulist attempts geography lesson – bad on so many levels

This is your brain on CRT:

According to the execrable Nikole Hannah-Jones, the only reason Russia’s invasion of Ukraine makes the front page is cuz white skin. No no no, two world wars and decades of Cold War has nothing to do with people’s concern about Russian nukes and WWIII. It’s all about the melanin. You wypipo be bad!



The Drag Queen and the 4th graders

Amazing what kind of indoctrination and sexual grooming a school can get away with as long as it is labeled diversity.

Dolly Trolley was invited to the school on Tuesday Feb 22, where she (sic) taught a dance to children aged nine years and up. She (sic) then had a sit-down with children at the school aged five to nine years and read to them. (snip)

A spokesperson for Merton Council, the local governing body that also acts as a school district, commented when asked about the controversy, “Hollymount School held a themed week to underline its commitment to diversity. Neither the school nor the governors are aware of any formal complaints.”

Well, now. No formal complaints so all is right with the world. Nothing to see. Move on.



More public school bad behavior

Michigan School District monitors parents’ social media and doxxes them to employers.

The superintendent of a school district in Michigan monitored the social media posts of parents who criticized the district’s COVID-19 policy, then reported those parents to their employers, and in at least one case, the police, according to a lawsuit filed by a parent in the district. (snip)

The suit, originally filed in May 2021, but amended earlier this month, was brought by Elena Dinverno, a parent of two children at Rochester Community Schools. The suit alleges that Shaner and another high-ranking member of the school board contacted Dinverno’s employer and falsely claimed that she had made threats against the board, which resulted in her being fired from her job.

We’ve seen over and over that school boards and teachers unions have no interest in their ostensible mission of education. Children are just a means to an ends.

The faster states can tie education dollars directly to students, the better.



We must remember that the first casualty of war is truth. So please read the newly discovered patriotism of Democrats and their Pravda Media with a jaundiced eye, especially as the worst of the Glorious Better Globalists are using it as another opportunity to grab the public square.

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  • AF JAG retired says:

    Of course, if we paid too much attention to incidents of blatant aggression in Africa or other third-world countries, Hannah-Jones would be first to denounce us as trying to impose “white” values on POCs and that we had no moral standing to condemn anyone since the US is so evil.

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