RNC Chair to House: Build the wall or our base walks

RNC Chair to House: Build the wall or our base walks

RNC Chair to House: Build the wall or our base walks

Building a Border Wall was a Trump campaign promise. According to the RNC adding this line item on the budget will make the difference between victory and defeat in 2018 Senate and House Races? Really? Ronna Romney McDaniel according to The Hill said here that:

The chairwoman of the Republican National Committee (RNC) on Wednesday warned that GOP voters will refuse to show up at polling stations if President Trump’s proposed border wall and other campaign promises are not fulfilled.

McDaniel and Trump

Ummm really? How about actually walking outside the bubble and talking to the voters?

“Action after action that the president talked about on the campaign trail, he has enacted in just 100 days. But certainly this was front and center in his campaign, and our voters are going to expect us to act on it.”

Not exactly Ms. McDaniel. Turmp voters either wanted a Yuuge change in how things were done or were voting against Hillary. The wall Mexico was supposed to help pay for was a promise and a talking point but as the BBC said here

Mr Trump is far from a traditional president, so perhaps it’s unfair to evaluate the first few months of his presidency in traditional ways, such as by tallying up his policy accomplishments and failures. His voters largely didn’t back his candidacy based on specific promises – on the wall, on healthcare, on taxes – but because of his attitude and his promise to shake up the political system.

Promise to shake up the system and the draining the swamp while decreasing spending and keeping jobs in the US are far more important to the base. So is draining the swamp. Not spending scarce funds on the wall.

Mr Trump campaigned on draining the swamp, and he’s taken some executive actions to limit administration officials from becoming lobbyists after they leave government service. On the other hand, his promises to avoid conflicts of interest over his wide-ranging business empire have proven vague and unenforceable and he’s stocked his administration with the kind of financial insiders and Wall Street bigwigs he regularly railed against on the campaign trail.

It has been 100 days not a year. And the base is still happy.

So far, however, his dedicated supporters – the ones who powered him to a narrow electoral victory if not a popular vote plurality – seem pleased as punch. According to a recent poll, 96% of Mr Trump’s voters in November stand by their support of the man. They’ve apparently seen enough action to convince them that the president is doing what he said he’d do, even if it hasn’t yet translated into legislative accomplishments.

Stability makes people happy. The costs for the wall will not help economic growth Mrs. McDaniel. The costs of the wall will come at the expense of the taxpayers, not Mexico or the illegals being kept out.

A better way to build a wall:

Ted Cruz has a better idea: let assets seized from drug lords pay for the wall.


If the economy is humming and unemployment stays low, they’ll probably remain in his corner for the long haul. For them, the apparent chaos in the nation’s capital is a feature, not a bug.

Exactly. If the economy tanks, people will be furious. And the Dems will cheerfully coast to victory.

The wall is a symbol of the need for immigration reform. That the base frankly cares less about than they do job creation and less meddling by the feds. The cost of the wall will send the base to sit home or back to the democrats. So how about doing something more concrete like funding the INS and having them revamp their training? Take the clownshoe cops in the TSA away and work on real airport security and not street theater? And break down barriers to job creation and simplify the tax code?  And using confiscated drug money to fund said wall and fund INS would make sense.  Not cutting services to build a boondoggle.

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  • JPD says:

    Interesting that you, as well as all these politicians can read my mind and divine my actions 2 and 4 years from now. Yes, you raised valid points. BUT. the wall, or whatever method for getting control of our borders is an ABSOLUTE NECESSITY. As well as immigration reform. As far as the cost of the wall. Seriously?? 20 billion, 50 billion? Considering what is wasted by HUD alone, that is chickenfeed and not an economic disaster.

  • parker says:

    The idea that a YUGE BEAUTIFUL WALL is necessary to control the border is a bit absurd IMO. We do need barriers at select areas; but the main focus of greatly reducing illegal aliens lies elsewhere. First more personnel on the borders backed up with technology.. secondly, enforcement of laws that deny illegals social benefits. Last of all E verify with hefty fines for employers who knowingly hire illegals.

    We have laws on the books, enforce them.

  • GWB says:

    Whether Trump keeps his promises will be a YUGE factor in 2018. If he basically blows off all the things he said, enough people who voted for him will either stay home or vote in protest to seriously hurt Republicans. This election seemed to be a protest vote against more of the same. If The Donald simply proves the French adage to be true (“plus ca change, plus le meme chose” – the more things change, the more they stay the same) he will likely draw some of that protest vote against himself.

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