RNC beats the DNC in February fundraising

RNC beats the DNC in February fundraising

Well, how shocking is this??

In the wake of the Democratic National Committee’s surprisingly weak February fund raising, Democratic insiders are questioning the unusual arrangement that has Virginia Gov. Tim Kaine serving as a part-time chairman until his term as governor ends next January.

The disappointing results come despite conditions that are ripe for a Democratic Party fund raising windfall: The party faithful are still buzzing from Barack Obama’s November presidential victory, Democrats have large congressional majorities and Obama is riding high in the polls despite a bleak economic picture. On top of that, the party is now in possession of the vaunted 13-million-address e-mail list he used to shatter fundraising records in 2008.

Yet fundraising numbers reported Friday show that in February, Kaine’s first full month as chairman, the Republican National Committee – supposedly plagued by GOP apathy and a chairman who got off to a rocky start, outraised the DNC $5.1 million to $3.3 million.

This is crazy. The Democratic Party should be riding high… they’ve got large majorities in the House and Senate, and are coming off a thrilling “historic” victory with Barack Obama as President. Yet somehow, the RNC managed to out-raise them. Considering the humiliating losses Republicans have taken the past few elections, and the flubs Michael Steele has made as RNC chairman, I don’t think anyone would have predicted these numbers.

It seems to be that Democrats are simply donating less than they were pre-election. There’s probably a multitude of reasons for this, and the number one reason is obviously the economy. Families are buckling down on finances, and giving that $100 to your political party yet again probably isn’t too thrilling an idea when you’re having trouble paying your bills. And Obama has yet to attend a DNC fundraiser as President. I’d also imagine that a lot of Democrats feel like their goals have been accomplished — they have a Democratic majority in the House and the Senate, plus a Democratic President, so why keep donating?

I think that the biggest problem the DNC is having, though, is Tim Kaine. He’s not a fiscally responsible governor, so why would he be a fiscally responsible chairman? Then there’s also the issue of his dual roles as both governor of Virginia and chairman of the DNC. It will take more than Obamamania to keep the checks coming in, and chairing the DNC is a full-time job. Yet they only have a part-time chairman.

All in all, this just also goes to show that perhaps it’s time we Republicans back off of Michael Steele. The RNC exists to raise money, and it did so well in February. No one will care about the stupid gaffes he made in his first few weeks as chairman if he continues to perform like this. Keep it up, Michael, and way to go!

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  • btenney says:

    My guess is that Democrats being the Mental lightweights they are, are bearing the brunt of layoffs.
    I offer as proof, I don’t know any employed Democrats and the Republicans I know are still working.

  • CaptDMO says:

    Hmmm…I wonder if the recent finger drumming by Chinese “economic” interests has anything to do with the sudden drop in donations to Dems, now that the predominantly Democrat
    Executive and Legislative wings have demonstrated their wisdom
    in ACTUAL “economic” actions vs. the stuck LP needle stuck on finger pointing strategy,/em>.

    Ahhh….the road to hell is paved with intentions that sound good to folks desperate to be regarded as activists.
    Strangely, none of the petitioners seeking signatures to “pledge” loyalty to The Obama Principals have shown up at MY door.

    In NH, the nice folks at “2 1/2 Beacon St.” -para.(Democrats in EVERY office, at ANY cost!)are STILL begging on line, every second day, for those (no need to report?) $10-$50 personal,”grass roots”, campaign dollars.

  • Mat says:


    That’s all fine and dandy that Steele is raising money. That’s his primary job. It’s not his job to go running around on media circuits and generally making an ass out of himself.

    One other thing. I wouldn’t get too comfortable with the fundraising. The question is how that money is going to be used. If it’s going to a bunch of RINO politicians who are going to screw the conservatives over again, it won’t mean anything. And lets face it, Steele has acted like a RINO over the last month.

  • Howard says:

    Too bad these folks don’t have to use the same fundraising programs the schools and churches need to use because of budget cuts like the ones they find at Easy Fundraising Ideas.

  • J David says:

    Why should commie-lib Dems contribute to a party that is now the only party. Any other entity representing themselves as competion to them are most likely LIARS, and actually enabling them or in bed with them. They are the Oligarchy-for-Life totalitarian party actively enacting laws against any competition, and about to begin raising a “Hitler Youth” militant gov’t funded National Security Force(an Americorp that becomes that)to which all youth must submit for a draft, and mandatory service.

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