Reminder: You Can’t “Buy Back” Something You Never Owned

Reminder: You Can’t “Buy Back” Something You Never Owned

Reminder: You Can’t “Buy Back” Something You Never Owned

The Chicago Police Department collected more than 100 guns this weekend at a “buy back” event meant to “get guns off the streets and curb gun violence.”

The idiocy of these types of events is matched only by the media’s quivering effort to paint them as a) moral and b) effective. Fact is that gun buy backs are neither.

The event, which was CPD’s second of the year, offered a $100 gift card in exchange for a firearm, a $10 gift card for BB guns, replicas and air pistols.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.

Who purchased these gift cards? Were they donated by a private corporation, or did the city of Chicago merely use taxpayer funds to give imbeciles stupid enough to give up their muskets and other firearms and toys that have never been used in street crimes in Chicago $100 each?

Don’t answer that. The question is rhetorical. Taxpayers are giving morons $100 each, while the Chicago PD, the city government, and the mediots who spread their propaganda pretend that they’re reducing violence.

Held at Saint John’s Polish National Catholic Church on the Southwest Side, the event collected an assortment of revolvers and long guns, as well as a few muskets and even a single action shotgun. And no questions were asked.

Meanwhile in Chicago this weekend, two people were killed and 27 others were wounded in the city’s deadliest weekend since October.

I would bet my left arm that most, if not all, of these shootings were committed with handguns – not long guns, not muskets, and not air pistols, replicas, and BB guns – for which leeches only too happy to get themselves some freebies at taxpayer expense also received gift cards.

And “no questions asked” means that the city has now provided enterprising thugs who may have shot one of these 29 people in Chicago this weekend a convenient way to dispose of the tools they used to commit acts of violence and give them a $100 gift to boot! Nice job, Chicago!

Ald. Ed Burke (14th Ward) and Ald. Ray Lopez (15th Ward) co-sponsored the event.

“Which if a young child was playing with, any officer would think he had an assault rifle in his hands,” Lopez said of a very real-looking assault rifle.

Considering how little mediots know about rifles – “assault” (a manufactured term that doesn’t mean anything) or otherwise – I have my doubts about the authenticity of the description of said “very real-looking assault rifle.” And knowing just how limited most politicians’ knowledge of firearms is, and how easily they manipulate paranoid, hysterical sheep in the general public with fear-mongering derp, I’m pretty sure this is a hamhanded effort to pretend something is being done about erroneous police shootings, instead of increased training and responsibility of law enforcement officers and weeding out police corruption such as the type revealed in testimony in Baltimore in when an officer admitted that cops kept toy guns around “in case we accidentally hit somebody or got into a shootout, so we could plant them.”

And anyone remember this moron from California?

That’s about the level of knowledge I expect from politicians in the city of Chicago as well, given the fact that they just gave more than $1000 of money that did not belong to them to idiots stupid enough to give up muskets and BB guns and possibly criminals who could have been prosecuted and held accountable for the very gun violence the politicians claim to be trying to reduce.

Let me say that again – it’s not their money. That money belongs to the taxpayers, and it’s being used for virtue signaling and ineffective public messaging campaigns such as this “buy back” program that has no hope of reducing violence of any kind.

And if you doubt that this “buy back” campaign is nothing but empty messaging, consider the fact that this particular media outlet interviewed the mother of a victim who was shot in March.

Michelle Vincent’s 32-year-old son, Terrell Jones, who worked as a streets and sanitation worker, was gunned down in March.

Reward poster image courtesy of: ABC Eyewitness News

Terrell Jones’ death was a tragedy. Mr. Jones was a passenger in a vehicle traveling on the streets of Chicago in March when two men got out of an SUV and murdered the father of three. The reward for information about this senseless crime was raised to $10,000 after a $1,000 reward yielded no information.

Think Jones was murdered with a musket? A single-action shotgun? Was he gunned down with a BB gun? And if the perpetrators did use a rifle or a handgun, do city officials think that giving his murderer an easy way to dispose of the firearm he used in that crime is a good idea? Do they believe that those intent on committing violence on the streets of Chicago won’t easily procure another gun after getting their taxpayer-funded $100 gift card?

The answer is obvious, so why bring up Mr. Jones’ horrible death?

Because when trying to appeal to the emotions of the clueless Great Unwashed, facts don’t matter, even if the media has acknowledged that gun “buy backs” are ineffective and mathematics supports this assessment.

As if conducting more buy backs would have prevented Mr. Jones’ murderers from getting more weapons!

So the only reason to even conduct this immoral (what else would you call using money siphoned from the taxpayers to conduct disingenuous messaging campaigns?), ineffective “buy back” event is to allow city officials to pretend they’re confronting violence in Chicago and relieve them of the responsibility they bear for said violence, as they disarm the law-abiding citizens, while giving violent savages the opportunity to get rid of guns they use in crimes and get a taxpayer-funded gift card in the process.

Featured image courtesy of Oleg Volk.

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • GWB says:

    “assault” (a manufactured term that doesn’t mean anything)
    While I agree that media folk wouldn’t know a real battle rifle if it shot them in the face, “assault rifle” is NOT a “made-up” term. It has an actual definition, based on the original, the sturmgewehr. Medium caliber, automatic (or burst) fire available for suppression, and accurate at normal infantry engagement ranges.
    The media has emptied the term of meaning by mis-applying it over and over again to weapons that do NOT qualify. (The AR-15 and other “sport rifles” do meet the criteria – except for the automatic fire bit, which is kind of important to the whole definition. It is NOT “close enough for gov’t work.”)

    Everything before and after that, I agree with.

    The whole point of these is that you are getting guns “off the streets”. Of course, they’re not the guns you need to be getting off the street, nor the quantity you need to make your area “gun free”. And, most importantly, it’s not the GUNS you need to get off the street, but the vermin that use them. And, of course, the lack of real policing is compounded by the enslavement of the citizens to a gov’t that won’t allow them to protect themselves.

    When you do that, this is the result you get: silly stunts to make it look like you’re doing something while the people continue to die and suffer at an alarming rate.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      I should have been more clear. “Assault rifle” is a very specific term, but what they use is “assault weapon,” which they have coopted to mean pretty much anything.

    • Robert Shotzberger says:

      Hitler was the person who gave the gun its name Sturmgeweher,\. So yes it is a made up name.

      • Geoff says:

        Actually translates as “storm rifle” if you separate the 2 words.
        Sturm Gewehr.
        Who strung them together is anybody’s guess.

        • GWB says:

          And “storm” is a synonym for “assault” (as in “storm the fortifications”).
          But, Hitler actually did give the weapon being developed during WW2 by the Germans the name “sturmgewehr”.

      • GWB says:

        How does that make it “made up”?
        By that standard, every single name for a weapon, including “pistol”, “revolver”, “rifle”, and “machine gun” are “made up”.

  • George V says:

    If I load a shotgun with a blank shell, then ram some rock salt down the barrel, does that make it a salt weapon?

  • John C. says:

    Um, what exactly is “…a single action shotgun.” That’s a new one on me.

    • GWB says:

      I think they mean a break-action. Though they could mean a shotgun with an exposed hammer you cock before firing (I did find one on – which also happens to be single-shot).

    • PainesGhost says:

      Generally a single barrel shotgun that “breaks” at the breach to allow the insertion of a single round. You then close the breach and the assembly locks. After firing, release the catch, break the barrel and the shell ejects. Repeat until exhausted.

  • Wan Wei Lin says:

    Corollary to this is you can’t ‘give back’ something you didn’t take. If I choose to give then it’s just giving not ‘giving back’.

  • thomas says:

    Hey OP. They’re not all stupid. If you have a broken airgun or a gun rusted up to the point that trying to clean it isn’t worth it… hey; free money.

  • Lanceman says:

    What the fuck is a ‘single action shotgun’?

  • E. Sloan says:

    I wish they would do that here, I could buy $20 worth of plumbing fittings and make a quick 500$ from these idiots.

  • Don says:

    I’ve always thought building a few zip guns and selling them to a “Buy Back” would be a profitable use of plumbing…

  • OldParatrooper says:

    Guns are inanimate objects which when left alone cause no problems at all.

    The Baltimore Sun analyzed Charm City’s murders for the year 2012 and reported that 90% of the shooters and 80% of the victims had prior criminal records. The average number of arrest prior to committing a murder was 5.6.

    Criminal control works better than gun control, as it impacts the actual evil doers rather than society as a whole.

  • Pete says:

    Ald. Ed Burke (14th Ward) and Ald. Ray Lopez (15th Ward) co-sponsored the event.

    “Which if a young child was playing with, any officer would think he had an assault rifle in his hands,” Lopez said of a very real-looking assault rifle.

    It’s not like the police have killed people holding a cell phone or flashlight, oh right…

  • TimH says:

    “Considering how little mediots know about rifles – “assault” (a manufactured term that doesn’t mean anything) or otherwise – I have my doubts…”
    Terming a gun to be an “Assault” weapon certainly is a politically constructed strategy, but not one without meaning.
    Progs seek to cement the notion in the minds of everyone that all arms are INTENDED for “ASSAULT”.
    This is to deviously replace the truth that Law Abiding Americans-99.999% of gun owners-, exercise their RIGHT to do so for DEFENSE. Which is in fact what arms are intended for. We must unfailingly refer to our arms as DEFENSE Weapons, and CALL OUT the fraudsters and their devious language!

  • JohnGaltTexas says:

    According to the communist left, the government owns everything.
    They just let you use it if you behave yourself and keep swilling the koolaid.

  • Russ Wood says:

    In Cape Town, South Africa, a ‘gun amnesty’ resulted in hundreds of unlicenced handguns being turned over to the police for destruction. A few years later, those same guns began to turn up in the hands of criminal gangs around the city. Two senior policemen who were investigating just HOW this came to be, were ‘promoted’ sideways out of the area. Basically, if you have a firearm, the LAST people you should give it to are the Government! (and BTW, most of the turned in handguns HAD been licenced, but the licenses had expired).

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