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Rand Paul Running for President and Weekend Links!

Rand Paul Running for President and Weekend Links!

So, we knew this right? No surprise. Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky), son of Representative Ron Paul, apparently said yesterday that he is “thinking about running for president” in 2016. He also said that only a “libertarian-Republican” can unite the GOP. Here’s the money quote:

“We are going to have to have somebody a little bit different than we’ve had in the past,” he told [Andrea] Tantaros on the show that replaced the Laura Ingraham Show on the Talk Radio Network. “Someone who can appeal to people in New England and on the West Coast. Someone who has a little more of a libertarian-Republican approach, I think, would have a better chance with independents and moderates.

“And so we’ll think about it.”

Ok. So, I’ve liked Rand Paul’s measured voice on spending and taxes so I’ll be giving him a look. I do have concerns that he’s bat-sh*t crazy like his dad but I guess we’ll be finding out if that apple falls further from the tree or not, in the months and years ahead as we gear up to 2016. Here’s a bit more from Rand Paul, and running for President in 2016, on video:


Great Weekend Blog Reading Links!

Teach at Pirate’s Cove is blogging about today’s freakout anti-gun screed from the NY Times. Go check it out!

The Other McCain has up a great blog post asking “If Current TV Was Worth $500 Million, How Is BuzzFeed Worth $200 Million?”

Phineas at Sister Toldjah is blogging about “The purpose of the Obama tax increases is to reward Obama’s cronies”.

Leslie Eastman at Legal Insurrection has up a terrific post on “A Capitalist analyzes the toxic combination of Communism and Feminism”. Good Stuff!

Emily at NakedDC has a blog post up on “Colorado Democrat of the year is hardcore into this wealth redistribution thing”.

Dana at The First Street Journal has up a post on “Rule 5 Blogging: They fought for their countries”. I love the pictures! Go check out their blog!

B5 over at Blackfive has up a blog post called “The POO POND Song”. It’s a video and for those of you who have served in Kandahar, you know about the Poo Pond. It’s unforgettable, I’m told.

Jammie at Jammie Wearing Fool has up a great blog post “Terrifying New Biopic From Hollywood: ‘Rodham’” – a “potential sequel” to Liar, Liar? LOL.

Jim Hoft at Gateway Pundit is blogging about “It Begins… New York Inmates Use The Journal News Gun Maps to Threaten Guards”.

Jonn at This Ain’t Hell has a bunch of great posts up today but I like this one, “John A. Kuykendall; Phony Marine/Ghostbuster”. LOL.

Michelle Obama’s Mirror has up a post called “Alinsky Works For Us Now” Maybe On TeeVee!?!” The pictures alone…. 🙂

Instapundit has a lot of good blog reading up at his hub including THIS one! o.O

American Power has up a blog post “BBC Cameraman’s Video of Starving Polar Bear Trying to Get Him for Lunch.”

Ed Morrissey is blogging at Hot Air on “Hobby Lobby CEO open letter: “Honoring God is more important than turning a profit”. It’s an important read.

Doug Powers has up a post at Michelle Malkin on “Global warming causes Al Gore to sell Current TV to oil-backed Al Jazeera”. It’s good reading.

Neo-Neocon has up a post today on “Obama approval down”. Is anyone really surprised?

and finally, Open Blogger at AoSHQ has up a blog post “Do Women Want The Toughest Fighting Jobs?”. As always, the comments are comedy gold.

Happy weekend!

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