Q & A: Movies

Q & A: Movies

Gredd said…
Cassy, what are the last 5 movies you saw and what did you think of them (simple thumbs up/down is fine)?

It’s really hard to think of the last five movies I saw. I work in a theatre, in projection, so I see a LOT of movies. So I’m just kind of picking the last five movies I saw at random:

Enchanted: Two thumbs up. I love Disney movies as it is, and this did not disappoint. The ending was fairly predictable, but I would say it was the PERFECT family movie, as it was great for kids and adults alike.

Beowulf: Only one thumb up (I’m kind of guessing on the rating system here). I was extremely disappointed in the plot; the filmmakers didn’t really bother staying faithful to the epic poem. I was also disappointed that the conflict with Grendel was over so quickly. However, the special effects were outstanding, and I definitely recommend seeing it in the RealD 3D if you can.

Fred Claus: Two thumbs up. I know there were some people that didn’t love this movie, but I did. I thought it was cute, I thought it was funny, and (I hate the use this word) heartwarming. I wasn’t a huge fan of part of the message of the movie (that there are no naughty kids), but I did like the emphasis on learning to cherish your family, even with their faults.

Martian Child: One thumb up. It was a good movie, but far different from what I expected. I thought it dragged on a little long, but all in all, it was enjoyable. It was easy to get drawn into the plot, and I have to say, they really made you wonder whether the kid was from Mars or not. It was predictable, and really drove home the “its OK to be not only different, but a little bit loony” message. However, I did still like the movie.

30 Days of Night: One thumb up. I wasn’t overly impressed with this movie. There wasn’t a lot of action or suspense in my opinion, and I found myself willing the movie forward. It was actually a huge let down. I didn’t hate it, but I didn’t particularly like it, either.

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  • Gredd says:

    Thanks for taking the time to answer my question. I saw Beowulf last night at an IMAX theater and I must say, that’s the way to see the movie! I’d rate it a tad higher than you did but I have no idea what the ‘true’ story is. I’m going to see about reading it proper now that I’ve seen it. 3D ftw!

    And a digital Angelina Jolie was pretty nice too! 😉

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