Porch Pirates Go Big – Target Trains

Porch Pirates Go Big – Target Trains

Porch Pirates Go Big – Target Trains

During the holiday season, anyone with a neighborhood app on their phone was treated to an alarming number of videos and reports of packages snatched from porches, sometimes within minutes after delivery. But these guys are mere amateurs when whole train cargo containers are being emptied.

Thieves have been raiding the cargo containers, taking packages that belong to people from all over the country from retailers like Amazon, REI and others.

The refuse left behind, like home COVID test kits, are items that the robbers did not want or did not think were valuable enough to take.

This is not your great grandpa’s Great Train Robbery. This is dirty, nasty, lawlessness that is out of control. Take a look at some of these videos from the Lincoln Heights area of Los Angeles and understand that the mounds of empty boxes and stuff thieves didn’t want is only a 30-day accumulation. Union Pacific had cleaned the area one month ago.

A few things to note: Railroad yards, trains and right of way are not under the law enforcement jurisdiction of local police. Rail companies maintain their own security. However, any arrests are processed at local jails and reports referred to county District Attorney offices for prosecution. At the time of this report, it appears that Union Pacific had not requested any assistance from LA PD. Not that we are surprised, this is George Gascon‘s Los Angeles and property crime is just not something he is interested in prosecuting.

Is it any wonder that criminals felt comfortable to up their game from porch to train?

Please don’t dismiss this as just another California problem. The port of Los Angeles processes about 20% of all cargo brought into the United States and trains are the major factor in shipping logistics. This swarm targeting of shipping containers at sections where the trains slow or stop on their journey to the port affects many people and businesses across numerous states. At about the 2-minute mark here, the reporter uses the tracking number on a discarded package to find the woman in the state of Washington who shipped it.

Like the apocryphal saying from Willie Sutton that he robbed banks “Because that’s where the money is”, today’s porch pirate now targets a container representing several hundred porches.

featured image, cropped, illustration by N.C. Wyeth, in the public domain

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  • Scott says:

    No surprise here. California and her policies are driving the destruction of this nation.

  • George V says:

    My father worked in the automotive industry back when the large tri-level autorack cars were first used by the railroads. Originally they were open on the sides back in the 1960’s. The railroads found it necessary to run the trains at high speed in certain areas to prevent the gangs from boarding the rail cars and stripping the autos. Eventually the enclosed rack was developed.

    I don’t know if additional cagework can be installed on the doublestack cars but maybe the railroads need to improve the track enough that they can run faster.

    • Scott says:

      Install generators powered by the movement of the car to electrify the perimeter of the cars on the order of a bull fence.. Kentucky Fried Criminal sounds good to me… Or just shoot the bastids… either way.. These scum are barely a step above identity thieves and hackers (who to me deserve interrogation and summary execution for all the lives they ruin), and don’t deserve much better.

  • Cameron says:

    Armed guards with shoot to kill orders. Don’t bother telling anyone it’s being implemented. Complaints from local PD about it get ignored.

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