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PETA’S too-hot-for-TV Super Bowl ad

PETA’S too-hot-for-TV Super Bowl ad

PETA wanted to run an ad during the Super Bowl. NBC deemed it too hot.. The ad, titled “Veggie Love”, included models engaging in some strange sexual acts such as:

  • screwing themselves with broccoli
  • licking a pumpkin
  • fondling themselves while eating broccoli
  • rubbing various vegetables on their pelvic areas
  • inserting asparagus into their… well, you know…

    Here is the PETA ad that you won’t see on Super Bowl Sunday:

    ‘Veggie Love’: PETA’s Banned Super Bowl Ad

    I know that PETA likes to use vapid celebrities and naked women to try to entice people to their cause of going meat-free. But PETA obviously doesn’t understand their audience. They’re obviously going after men with ads like these, and while men might find these sexy, they’d take a quick backseat to a hot woman eagerly devouring, say, a huge, messy, hamburger. And hey, I don’t know if I believe that vegetarians have better sex. I do know that vegetarianism has been known to make people’s brains smaller. And that would have an effect on sex, wouldn’t it? Looks only go so far, but to us girls nothing is hotter than a man with a huge, gigantic, enormous… brain.

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    • Jason says:

      Lets see:

      eating meat makes you smarter
      smart met produce more *ahem* seeds
      more seeds means higher probability of pregnancy
      successful pregnancy means maintaining the viability of the species

      so in conclusion, evolution should have wiped these morons out already.
      what gives? OK commercial, but I’d rather see a Superbowl commercial with Cassy in it. Shazaaaammmm

    • Tomare Utsu Zo says:

      Vegetarians tend to taste better. Usually. Broccoli is probably one of those foods that tends to … sour things.

    • Tomare Utsu Zo says:

      Oh, and that was meant as an answer to your question. A girl would have to be pretty damn special before I would get over the vegetarian thing. They tend to be high maintenance.

    • J David says:

      It would seem to me to defeat any attraction to these liberal twits (hmmm, maybe I spelled that wrong?)to know at the outset that they were dedicated to being “meat free”. Must the knowing you won’t get any that makes it so attractive to the masochists…

    • physics geek says:

      Looks only go so far, but to us girls nothing is hotter than a man with a huge, gigantic, enormous… brain.

      Sure, because telling girls that I was a physics major while in college got me more dates than a known serial killer.

      I’m kidding, of course. The serial killer did better.

      I did get lucky and marry someone who appreciates me for the geeky fellow that I am. But I don’t think that what you opined above is widespread.

    • coffee says:

      ironically PETA is getting more publicity from the fact that their ad was banned than they would have if it was approved

    • NB says:

      I don’t know what you’re talking about. There was lots of meat in that ad. Ahhhahahaha nothing beats childish double entendre.

    • Taylor says:

      I keep e-mailing PETA that until they put up a naked Picture of Christian Bale (a vegetarian, if you can believe it) in Times Square, I’m not considering dropping meat from my diet.

      Still nothing. I smell double standard in need of investigation. :p


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