Pelosi Pens Dear Democrat Letter

Pelosi Pens Dear Democrat Letter

Pelosi Pens Dear Democrat Letter

Long after the riots on Capitol Hill, there was a buzz about forming a 9/11-style commission to investigate. Nancy Pelosi put her 2020 Trump Impeachment Pen to use yesterday afternoon to draft a letter to her colleagues.

This letter is about you. It is about your safety as you serve in Congress, your safety in your district and your safety when traveling to and from Washington. Your safety is the charge that I gave Lieutenant General Russel Honoré, who is leading an immediate and collaborative security review to protect the safety of Members, the Capitol Complex and our Democracy.”-Nancy Pelosi

Pelosi went on to call for an “emergency supplemental funding bill to meet institutional security needs“. Supplemental funding, eh? Where’s that coming from, Nancy? You going sell a refrigerator or two? Maybe skip a few Botox sessions?

Nancy Pelosi went on to say that a 9/11-type Commission would be essential because it would “examine and report upon the facts (cough), causes and security relating to the terrorist mob attack on January 6.”

It may be difficult for Members to share their stories, but it is important to facilitate an accurate personal record and for the healing process for our Congress and indeed, Country.”-Nancy Pelosi

It most certainly was difficult for members to share their stories. Just look at poor, traumatized Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. Years ago, when #MeToo was a thing, AOC remained silent on her sexual assault. What dredged up the horrific memory of a sexual assault in her past? Not Harvey Weinstein. Not Jeffery Epstein. Not Joe Biden being elected president. Not his womanizing son, Hunter, either. What triggered AOC? The Capitol Riots! Madame Speaker to the rescue!

And here it goes, again. Bad, Orange Man, former President who is no longer in office, started an insurrection and he now needs to atone. More “peace” and “healing” promoted by the Democrats for sure. Peace and healing at a price tag in the millions that poor, working Americans will fork out somehow. I guess this is the way we atone. This is our punishment for being “out of hand”. Let’s spend our money on a Commission, Nancy. Because people are still out of work due to lockdowns and not quite everyone is vaccinated yet. But Dear Democrats, this is for you. Because it’s all about you and your service, Congress. Hah! You all throw around that word “service” like you guys actually “serve” us or something. Please. Your lack of service has been glaringly apparent.

Pelosi’s justifications for this 9/11-style Commission had to come from somewhere. What can you expect when news outlets claimed the riots were worse than 9/11? Oh, wait a second…the Capitol attack was a day of infamy…just like Pearl Harbor! And for this, Pelosi and her colleagues must take the focus off of any mismanagement and wrongdoing on their part and deflect, deflect, deflect. How about a commission to investigate the rioters in this short?

Or how about the rioters in Seattle? In Portland? Or, more recently, the rioters in Tacoma, Washington? How about those riots, Pelosi? How about organizing a “commission” to investigate AntiFa, Nancy? Oh…hold up just a minute! These were not riots, say the Democrats. These were “peaceful protests” I think these riots were dubbed “largely peaceful protests against an illegitimate Fascist regime” or something. This was the Summer of Love! There were chalk drawings! There weren’t any chalk drawings at the Capitol!

Pelosi is just pissed that someone made off with her podium. So pissed, she wants to make us pay for it with a Commission of hand-picked appointees to “investigate” this atrocity on the U.S. Capitol. I am by no means here attempting to diminish the lives lost on January 6th. That is not what this is about. But if I have to hear about one more useless program because these Democrats are still not over Donald Trump being in The White House for four years, I may just scream.

The trauma that I saw in their eyes. It was just overwhelming, just overwhelming. You know, our staffs are largely young. They come here with the sense of idealism and just love that they’re working in the Capitol.”-Nancy Pelosi

Largely young and mainly Democrats, I am sure, with a good dose of idealism and a very little grasp of reality. And more with the healing from The Speaker of the House:

I was thinking, the human person is built for survival. You know, we just are. But how do we come back? Not to ignore the seriousness of the situation, but to recognize that, to heal, you have to have some justice. You just really have to have justice. You cannot heal without it.”-Nancy Pelosi

Survival, yes. We are built for that, Ms. Pelosi. And our survival is not to your credit, that’s for damn sure. Justice, she says. Justice in the way of a commission funded by taxpayers to say this was “all Trump’s fault”? Millions of dollars for this? This crooked old hag wants to talk to us about healing and justice? The sheer concept of this is tragic and laughable at the same time. The Democrats want healing and justice after stoking the flames for years because they’re the peaceful ones. Where was the justice when people lost their jobs and Pelosi sat on aid because “Orange Man Bad”? She was eating expensive ice cream from her mansion on YouTube, that’s where the spiteful, smug speaker was! How about throwing some funding towards inner-city business owners whose dreams got shut down due to an overly-politicized pandemic, Queen Nancy? How about paying for the damages of broken storefronts and stolen items that were the result of mass riots in the streets this summer, brought to you by largely AntiFa members and anti-Trump white liberals alike? Nope. Justice and healing will only happen with a 1/6 Commission.

Dear Speaker Pelosi: I doubt you would recognize healing and justice if they both hit you square in the jaw and knocked out your dentures.

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  • Bucky says:

    Miss Nancy and Gen. “Stuck on Stupid” Honoré will set the stage for a permanent security barrier between our elected legislature and the people they supposedly serve. The siege mentality that barrier will create in the Congress critters will justify, in their minds, any further repressive measures they enact to protect themselves from the hordes of domestic terrorists out to get them. Like a self fulfilling prophesy the more repression they impose the more resistance they will spawn. Dark days ahead.

    Justice for Ashli Babbitt!

  • American Human says:

    Nancy Pelosi is the most terrible and evil thing to ever be associated with the house of representatives. She is just plain evil.

  • Scott says:

    Like every fascist / communist / totalitarian regime in history… How anyone can fail to see that demonrats are the ones mentioned in the line ” defend and protect the Constitution, against all enemies foreign and domestic” is beyond me… They are going full throttle towards a conflict that we don’t want, and that will NOT end the way they think…

    Lets all pray that something sidetracks this crazy train, and brings the country back to sanity without bloodshed…

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