Page-Strzok Texts Are Evidence of Personal Relationship with FISA Judge

Page-Strzok Texts Are Evidence of Personal Relationship with FISA Judge

Page-Strzok Texts Are Evidence of Personal Relationship with FISA Judge

The truth will out. Sure, a lie gets halfway around the world before the truth gets its pants on, but be patient grasshopper. Yesterday, very troubling text messages were revealed between FBI-DOJ lovers Lisa Page and Peter Strzok. In the texts they discuss maneuvering on how to get close to Judge Rudolph Contreras, the judge who took General Mike Flynn’s guilty plea back in December, 2017. The judge was removed without explanation from the case seven days later. The judge also sits on the FISA court. Huh, that’s convenient. Oh well, it’s probably nothing.

Judge Rudolph “Rudy” Contreras

The text messages show a conversation where Lisa Page berates Strzok for failing to tell her that he knew “Rudy” Contreras (they are on a first nickname basis). Strzok says he thought he told her. She won’t let it go. He says he’ll invite her to the cocktail party that will provide cover for Strzok to meet with Contreras. Page reassures him, being the stellar FBI lawyer that she is, there couldn’t possibly be any conflict of interest in that. Strzok questions her judgment once, but then unlike her, he drops it. Perhaps he is happy to have free legal advice, even if he knows in his heart it’s bad. Well, you get what you pay for. My question is this: WHY ARE THESE TWO STILL EMPLOYED BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT???!!! Why is my taxpayer money paying their mortgages?! And for their time to text each other on government phones about illicit cocktail parties?! Out, OUT I say!

Peter Strzok and Lisa Page, lovers on our time, on our dime

Anyway, maybe their days are numbered. Maybe Judge Rudy will grow a conscience, realize he is bad for the image of the judiciary and damaging to the respect for the rule of law, and recuse himself for life. No, probably not. These peoples’ sense of entitlement infects every orifice of their bodies and there is no known cure. They will stay until they absolutely cannot. Which will only be when the officials in the Trump administration grow some backbone. Jeff Sessions, your momma is calling, “Did you drink your milk today, honey. You need your calcium to grow up big and strong.”

Slowly but surely, many things that have been puzzling over the last several months are falling into place. It was revealed how instrumental Strzok was in downplaying Hillary Clinton’s wrongdoing with her home-brew server. He conducted that investigation and wrote Comey’s baffling statement about how she committed a crime, but not really. Strzok investigated Mike Flynn’s non-crime to which he later pled guilty, and Strzok was at least present while he was interviewed at the White House. Strzok was on Mueller’s special counsel team investigating Russian “collusion,” until he wasn’t – due to improper partisan text messages between him and lovely lover Page. Now we find out that he has a personal relationship with the judge who took Flynn’s guilty plea, and he was conspiring about how to meet with him, but make it look like he wasn’t meeting with him. And still the biggest slap in the face – we paid for that! It is just maddening.

I refuse to paint all the personnel at the FBI or the DOJ with a broad brush, but my God, if Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are at all representative of the rest of the governmental workforce in DC, the draining of this swamp will surely take at least eight years. Maybe more! Stay on top this, Voting Public! Don’t get comfortable now at mid-terms, or any other time. Democrats are scheming from within our government to act in their own best interest, which does not align with ours, and we can not let them succeed.

And one final horrifying thought: We never would have known any of this had Hillary won. And that is why I had to vote Trump.

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  • meyou says:

    Honestly, can our country be saved from this decrepit Communist-Democrat takeover? Is the upcoming generation going to succumb to the Communist lure, or are they mindful of the dangers? God bless Pres. Trump for efforts to drain the swamp; we need to pray for his safety. Also, this Pete and his evil girlfriend need to go. Monday?

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