Ohio “Tortures” Murderer With Two-Cocktail Lethal Injection

Ohio “Tortures” Murderer With Two-Cocktail Lethal Injection

Murderer Dennis McGuire was executed last week in Ohio.  Naturally, the anti-death penalty folks have gathered in spades—along with McGuire’s daughter—to protest the “torture” that poor McGuire suffered as the “victim” of a lethal injection that only included two drugs instead of the historically typical three.  It took McGuire 26 minutes to go from zero to meeting his Maker, and that’s just far too long, says his family.  Never mind that the reason Ohio only used two drugs in last week’s lethal injection was because one manufacturer stopped making it out of fear of lawsuits, and because Europe won’t let companies who make it export it to the US because it gets used to execute murderers.  No, poor Dennis McGuire was just tortured in a cruel and unusual way, according to his defenders.   If you want tech specs on the drugs used, take a look here. You’ll see that torture was really not what happened at all…but I digress.

What exactly did Dennis McGuire do that the State of Ohio would strap him down and inject him with two chemicals in an effort to end his life?  He attacked Joy Stewart, a 22-year-old wife.  But he didn’t steal her purse or steal her car.

He raped her in every possible way.  He sodomized her.  He beat her.  And then he slashed her throat so deeply that he severed both major arteries, and then stashed her in the woods once she bled out.

Joy Stewart was 30 weeks pregnant with a son named Carl, who died with his mother.

McGuire spent more time on death row than Joy Stewart had on earth, and he spent less time gasping for air during his execution than she spent pleading for her baby’s life.  Yet here we are, watching his daughter sue the state for “torturing” her daddy.  The daddy who raped and murdered a mother and her unborn son.

Joy Stewart’s husband could not recover from the horrific deaths of his wife and son.  He committed suicide within a year.

Dennis McGuire wasn’t a torture victim.  He was a stain on the fabric of society who, thank God, we cut out and threw away.  In fact, the 26 minutes that he spent strapped down dying was not long enough.  It was not torturous enough.  People who prey on society in this manner are not “rehabilitated” after years in prison.  They do not “get better.”  They are nothing more than predators, who will do nothing but prey upon others.   What the State of Ohio did was the absolute least we could do.

I bet he’d really like a drink of water right now.




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  • Jodi says:

    It’s hot where he is.

  • GWB says:

    In fact, the 26 minutes that he spent strapped down dying was not long enough. It was not torturous enough.

    No, it was plenty long, and plenty torturous. One of the reasons Christian (Western) Civilization is better than the rest is because the state bears the sword, but in an impartial manner. It does not seek vengeance, but simply metes out justice. There is not enough “mean” in this world to satisfy many people when it comes to revenge. The only just thing is that the man loses his life – cleanly and efficiently and coldly. The state should have no compassion – either for the victim or for the perpetrator. Justice, blind and cold.

  • Victor DeCurtis says:

    Does anyone know how much these chemicals cost? Why not a prepared “hot shot” of heroin, 5 times the normal overdose amount? How about a tank of Co, a tight fitting mask and opened to a pressure where the condemned has to breathe. CO2 is also a sure bet. Fast, sure and blissfully short!

    • GWB says:

      I’m personally an advocate for hanging. Done properly, it has a lot going for it, including simplicity. (Many of your methods would require a lot of safety protocols for the operator(s), or an inordinate amount of security.) It also has a very American flavor to it.

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