Obama’s legacy of war not peace

Obama’s legacy of war not peace

Obama’s legacy of war not peace

I am not a big fan our our current POTUS it has to be said.  Others disagree, including the Nobel Committee.  Titles such as The Lightbringer and anti war candidate were given to candidate Barack Obama. His legacy ironically is a very unstable world with wars and rumors of wars. The Europeans who gave him a Nobel Peace Prize were perhaps overly optimistic. And even President Obama saw that when he accepted this award.

The AP addresses the contradictions here:

On matters of war and peace, Obama has proven to be a confounding and contradictory figure, one who stands to leave behind both devastating and pressing failures, as well as a set of fresh accomplishments whose impact could resonate for decades.

One would think that the Nobel prize committee would have waited to see what he did.  Not what he said. But they did not.


The walk:

From the AP the summary below is enlightening.

By some sobering measures, the case for Obama the peacemaker is difficult to make. Analysts who track conflict, refugee populations, terrorist attacks and political upheaval say the world has only become less peaceful during Obama’s tenure, a trend that began just before he took office.

To be fair, existing issues and tension are not his fault but the power vacuum he expanded greatly IS.  Twitter had a few things to say as well:

And this:

In the end, Obama’s legacy is of a man who destabilized the world receiving a Nobel Peace Prize. Possibly the next Neville Chamberlain? Well done Nobel committee.

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  • SFC D says:

    Gail, didn’t you know that everyone gets a trophy these days? You don’t have to actually do anything, everyone’s a winner for participating!

  • GWB says:

    a trend that began just before he took office.

    Oh yeah, juuuuust before he took office, things started getting worse………. Riiiiiiiiiight.

    Peace in our time! (The peace of slavery.)

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