Obama’s energy czar didn’t bother to read the cap-and-trade bill

Obama’s energy czar didn’t bother to read the cap-and-trade bill

Obama’s energy czar didn’t bother to read the cap-and-trade bill

Obama’s energy czar, Carol Browner, supports cap and trade. But that doesn’t mean she bothered to actually read the bill that will cripple our economy in the name of non-existent global warming. She’s read “large portions” of it, but not the entire thing. 1,000 pages must just be too long for her.

Of course, that makes her better than 219 people in Congress, who didn’t bother to even read “vast portions” of it. The eight traitorous Republicans who voted for this monstrosity are included in that list, by the way.

Not to worry, though. I’m sure that Obama will be sure to go through this bill himself line-by-line though, like he promised last year. Aren’t you?

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  • Chris M-G says:

    I’m positive- that he doesn’t care.

  • Knightbrigade says:

    This GLO-BALL warming bill is the key in the Al Gore MASTER plan of control/socialism.

    At least (4) aspects GLO-BALLERS refuse to debate.

    1) The world is WARMING out of control.

    2) MAN is the CAUSE of the WARMING.

    3) They know EXACTLY the consequences of this WARMING.

    4) Only THEY know how to FIX it.


    1) World is actually cooling, but hey the CLIMATE can CHANGE. (hey “Climate Change” whaddaya know)
    2) Little thing called the Sun heats the earth, MAN..not so much.
    3) Know the exact consequences for the next 10,20,30 years…PLEASE
    try getting a 10 day forcast right then come talk to me.
    4) If 1,2,3 were proved true which they are NOT, LOTS of people would have ideas and work to solve the problem.

    Nope GLO-BALL leaders are not about the FAKE story, they are about POWER and CONTROL. And if everyone has to ride bikes, that will make them smile as a bonus.

  • BobV says:

    Is it actually legal to pass a bill this long in this short of time, such that there was no possible way it could have been read prior to voting on it?

    I guess it could be, but it sure seems like it shouldn’t. I’d like to think my representatives are voting for/against something based on some sort of comprehension of what they are voting on, rather than based on the title and which lobbyists get to them first.

  • Knightbrigade says:

    I’m glad you brought attention to the size and speed in which this GLO-BALL BS was shoved on America.

    Now think back to Feb. when another bomb was dropped on America, the 1,071 page – eight inches thick stimulas (2) was posted on a congressional Web site late Thursday, giving lawmakers just a few overnight hours to read it before being asked to vote.

    Nice little scam Liberals and PrompterBibky got going on….

    HURRY HURRY , VOTE on this quick, don’t read or discuss anything, just take OUR word and everything will be Skittles and Unicorns.
    Otherwise we will ALL die!!

    Up NEXT Government run Healthcare…..get ready to VOTE real FAST!!!
    We have a country to “Change”/take over….

  • BobV says:

    Knightbrigade: It does seem odd that we are in such a terrible crises that there is no time to think or govern rationally, merely react.

    Strange, since we’ve been through worse and still were able to have a functioning government, rather than simply a rubberstamp for the whitehouse.

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