obama or die

obama or die

so did you watch the BET black entertainment awards show last night?  you would have thought that the obamessiah himself was in the room with all the worshipping of him going on!

p. diddy — or is he back to using his real name — sean combs.  i get confused.  well, he led the service with a rousing rendition of “obama or die” chants throughout the sanctuary er, i mean auditorium.


“If we all register and vote, we will have the first black president in the history of America,” p. diddy told the BET crowd.  of course we know there is nothing new under the sun and this little diddy — pun intended — is a knock off remix of his more neutral “vote or die” motto from the ’04 presidential election when he attempted to boost that much sought after youth vote.  i guess he didn’t think “kerry or die” would quite rock their vote.

but wait!  there’s more!  then, alicia keys channeled britney when she accepted her award for best r&b artist (love her!).  she shouted to the crowd “obama y’all!”

ok.  call me hip-challenged but what does “obama or die” mean?  that if he doesn’t win black people everywhere are down that much further on the so-called equality ladder?  or does it mean if he doesn’t win, diddy or some rapper thug types will go out raging in the night? 

it just sounds dumb to me.

UPDATE:  here is a fun vid produced by those crazy “South Park” guys on diddy — maybe some premonition thing going on since its from 2004 when he was puff daddy.  but its hilarious!  caution: it is South Park so here’s your language and sensibilities check!   h/t to hotair for this.


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