Obama Announces That ISIS is Holding an American Hostage, Is Deploying All Assets to Rescue Her

Obama Announces That ISIS is Holding an American Hostage, Is Deploying All Assets to Rescue Her

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ISIS has committed any number of atrocities over the past several months, with Obama’s response mostly being to take a break from his busy schedule of golf games and celeb-filled fundraisers to lecture the world about how these actions will not be tolerated… yet taking absolutely no action whatsoever to strike back. From executing children for the crime of watching soccer and murdering 150 innocent, defenseless women, to beheading civilian hostages, the crimes of these terrorists haven’t been able to spur Obama to action. But apparently, the particularly horrific murder of Jordanian pilot Muath al-Kaseasbah, who was burned alive in a cage, was enough to call the Obama administration to action, in their own special way. Jordan promptly executed the ISIS hostages they had been holding; Obama let ISIS know that our military forces were coming their way, since it’s always a good idea to give our enemies a heads-up before we launch an offensive.

President Obama, in an interview aired Monday, acknowledged that the Islamic State has at least one U.S. hostage and said his administration is “deploying all assets” to find her.

The president made the comments in an interview with NBC’s “Today” show.

Obama spoke briefly on the hostage situation, going back-and-forth between referring specifically to a particular female hostage and hostages in general.

“We’re deploying all assets that we can, working with all the coalition allies that we can to identify their locations,” Obama said. “We’re in very close contact with her family, trying to keep them updated. Obviously, this is a something that is heartbreaking for families. And our obligation is to do anything we can to make sure an American citizen is rescued from this situation.”

The Islamic State already has executed three American hostages.

Hey, know what ISIS will probably do now that they know we’re coming to rescue this hostage? Kill her. That’s what.

This little nugget of brilliance, to announce to the world that we’re sending troops to stage a rescue, comes from the same people who accidentally named the hostage in a press conference less than two weeks ago. It’s as if the Obama administration is actively doing everything they can to put the hostages that ISIS is holding at risk. And while plenty of people will undoubtedly be crying “traitor” over this, that’s probably not entirely fair to Obama. He’s not a traitor for ISIS; he’s just an incompetent moron.

Obama has proved, time and time again, that he is hands down the worst president this country has ever had, with the most unprofessional, non-transparent, gutless administration behind him. He’s too scared to use the words “terrorists” to describe ISIS, he bumbles and fumbles practically everything he does, and because of his idiocy, American lives are at risk. and what’s worse, he doesn’t learn from his mistakes, either. The rise of ISIS was allowed to happen because Obama decided to end the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. But guess what? Wars aren’t “ended”. They’re either won or lost. You can’t just pull our troops out and call it a victory when the war hasn’t been won yet. Doing so just left a massive power vacuum in the Middle East, one that ISIS was happy to fill. Yet Obama is still persisting with his moronic idea to withdraw all troops from Afghanistan, refusing to react after ISIS has killed innocent American civilians, laughing off their atrocities by calling them the “JV team”, and in general, behaving like the gutless boy wonder that he is.

If we find out in a few weeks that ISIS has killed this woman, then we’ll know who to blame. Obama has just put this woman’s life at risk by announcing that we were coming to get her, and if she’s still alive now, then chances are, ISIS will be ready to change that soon. And it will be Obama’s fault. He will, once again, have blood on his hands… although, in his case, that’s really nothing new, is it?

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  • Jodi says:

    Most petulant children eventually learn from their mistakes. Not so much the White House Squatter.

    It’s almost as if…he’s tipping them off. He wouldn’t do that, would he? ;/

    • Appalled By The World says:

      I honestly don’t know what to make of Ohblahblah anymore. At times he acts incompetent, at others like a traitor. In any guise he’s horrific. And I don’t even know if I blame him much anymore-my rage is directed at all those turds who voted for this guy in 2012 (being in a very generous mood I’ll grant those that voted for the twit in 2008 a pardon on the basis that he may have fooled many) knowing full well at that point that he was already THE worst president ever.

  • Dana says:

    The announcement didn’t change anything; ISIS already knew we were looking for her. The only question now is: will they burn her alive, or just cut off her head?

    ISIS is actually pretty savvy: the beheadings were gruesome enough, but the civilized world got as used to those as we could get; the immolation of Lt Muath al-Kaseasbah was simply the next step, a new way to shock and awe the civilized world. There aren’t much worse ways to die than to be burned alive, and even those of us who don’t watch the video can gruesomely imagine it, and feel horrified.

    ISIS is telling the civilized world that they reject the notions of civilization as the West sees them; ISIS is telling the world that there are no bounds they will not cross, no restrictions they will obey, to get their way.

    And they are challenging a wimpy President, telling both the American people and the Western world at large that they will do whatever they damned well please, because they know that Barack Hussein Obama won’t do what needs to be done, which is to send in 50,000 soldiers and Marines to hunt down ISIS and kill every last one of them. He might send drones, to try to pick off the top leadership, but the leadership can, and will, be replaced; this is one of those cases where you have to kill off the whole army, not just the generals.

  • Dana says:

    Another message has been sent as well: to any soldier fighting ISIS, you must fight to the death, because surrendering and being captured will not save your life.

  • Appalled By The World says:

    The only thing ISIS will EVER understand is something the West (and Supreme Warlord Obama especially) won’t do-a war of extermination similar to what the Red Army did with the Nazis in WW2. As much as I despise communism and Stalin he was right in his conduct of the war against Hitler-no pussyfooting around. Just wipe out the enemy without a single thought about it because the enemy is not at all interested in negotiating or behaving.

  • Kim Quade says:

    You don’t understand. He’s our first black President. So that makes it all okay.

    • Donna says:

      Yep, you hit the nail on the head. If we were to impeach his stupid *$&# all that would happen is another Ferguson but on an enormous scale. It would get to the point that we would ask ourselves, “Geez, which was worse? A President who is scared out of his wits to do anything to these barbarians or who is incompetent to make a good decision (or both) or live with waiting for the next shoe to drop with ISIS.” We have close to 2 more years of him and the thought of that absolutely terrifies me. TWO MORE YEARS PEOPLE!!! Just think of all the terrorism ISIS has carried out in the past 5-6 months and all the leader of our country did when they beheaded the first American was to play golf 3 minutes after the news conference he held announcing the atrocity. That news conference and him being out on the golf course within 3 minutes was almost like one of those movie sets with the facade of the western buildings. Like he just pulled off his suit coat with one hand and underneath was a golf shirt and Sansabelt slacks. Then the wall behind him falls down and he’s on the first hole. It was absolutely ridiculous. And you know what is even worse? Yes, it gets worse…there are people out there who adore him and think he is the messiah of the USA. The man hates this country and everything our Constitution says and stands for. OK, I’ve said my peace.

  • Penny says:

    I totally agree with all of you!!

    Appalled, exactly, the first election, we, who had read his books, knew where obama came from politically (Chicago which is as crooked as a dog’s hind leg), understood that he had been raised by Communists and Muslims, knew that he was mentored by anarchists, understood that a “community organizer” is nothing more than a rabble rouser, ie, Sharpton/Jackson, knew who & what obama is. But those who have allowed themselves to be lulled by the Human Secular/Socialist influenced school systems and media, fell into place…and blacks voted the race card completely. You have to understand, Appalled, that the second election, and most likely the first one as well, was won through extreme massive fraud, there is no doubt on that. That is why I refer to the Democratic Party as the SocioCommunist Party, atheistic, ruthless, and robotic….and extremely evil!

  • Wfjag says:

    White House Press Release:
    ISIS, How many Hashtags do they have?

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