NY Mayor Calls a Top Cop After His “bro” Arrested. Magic Happens.

NY Mayor Calls a Top Cop After His “bro” Arrested. Magic Happens.

I wonder if it was because he was black?

Two police officers pulled over the well-connected minister’s 2012 Lincoln sedan at 11:21 p.m. Monday for failing to signal while making a left turn at Clarkson Ave. and E. 92nd St. in Brownsville, Brooklyn.

While running a check, police learned Findlayter had an aggravated suspended license due to a lapse in auto insurance, Royster said. Cops took Findlayter to the 67th Precinct stationhouse, where they discovered two outstanding warrants stemming from his Oct. 16 arrest during an immigration protest.

So Hizzoner dials up the digits of the PoPo and magically, a guy with an aggravated suspended license (who was driving a car at the time he was stopped) and 2 outstanding warrants magically is “free at last?” 

I am certain that Dr. Ben Carson, Lt. Col Allen West, or Mia Love would have received Hizzoner’s loving touch regarding a brush with the law in the Big Apple.  Did I fall down a rabbit hole and land somewhere between Bizarro World and Animal Farm; where obviously, some lawbreakers are more “equal” than other lawbreakers?  It gets even better (in a manner of speaking).

Following de Blasio’s call, Royster spoke with Deputy Inspector Kenneth Lehr, commander of the 67th Precinct. She said Lehr had also been contacted by local clergy. The inspector was already at the stationhouse preparing to give the pastor a desk appearance ticket when she spoke to him, she said. Royster said Lehr told her: “‘Why have a clergyman in the command in jail overnight?’” Lehr, who has worked with Findlayter on community issues, personally released him.

At least the Sergeant’s Benevolent Association has it right:

Sgt. Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said the minister should have gone to jail.  “We don’t let you go. You’re not supposed to let them go. It’s a court order from a judge,” he said. “We can’t circumvent that. This is not a common practice. But I get it. I realize you’re the mayor and you got all kinds of friends.”

Well, thank God for Sergeants I guess, but this is what is meant by “we are a nation of laws, not of men.”  I guess that is, unless you are from New York, and Hizzoner is your “bro.”

You know, because you worked with this guy on “community issues” that makes him OK.  He is as good to his word.  He will show up for court right?  You know, like the last two times.  And why is it that a pastor can’t get auto insurance?

It must be nice to be a liberal.  To be so blissfully self unaware as to be able to ignore the laws that are broken right in front of you, disregard logic, law, and human nature and chalk all of it up to any of the various “ism’s” that rampantly plague society.  I think the only part I could never contend with is the constant state of rage that you must be in over the most irrelevant issues.  I have never met a happy liberal.

The point of all of this is that when the government ceases to pay attention to the laws, then it is my belief that society should extend to them the same courtesy…



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