Newt Gingrich: shut down the press room

Newt Gingrich: shut down the press room

Newt Gingrich: shut down the press room

Is Newt Gingrich personally offended and wants a safe space? That is what it seems when he says things like this, found on Politico here:

“I am personally offended bey the American news media. I think it is destructive and disgusting. It is a danger to the country right now,” Gingrich said. He also said the press should be banished to a nearby Starbucks and that Spicer should take questions from the American people. “Just say to the American people, you get to choose,” Gingrich said


Really? What happens when “the American people” personally offend you, Newt? Will We the People become Destructive and Disgusting to you?  Hot Air had a few interesting things to say here.

Politico continued with the interview (in Kiev, and there are many levels of irony here):

The former speaker, who said he was traveling in Ukraine, was infuriated by recent coverage of Trump’s alleged disclosures to the Russian foreign minister of classified intelligence that was reportedly obtained from Israel and the firing of the FBI director. Gingrich said that the president has a right “to declassify anything he wants to,” and that presidents for centuries have disclosed sensitive information in chats with foreign officials. He also said that reporters shouldn’t print information they couldn’t attach a name to.

Really? Because Spy lives don’t matter, Newt? Good to know. Hot Air said this:

I think President Newt would do it, not just out of spite but as strategy. Trump needs to hold on to his base as daily news bombshells about Comey and Russia are bursting around him. One way is to make the media more of an enemy to Republican voters than it is. He’s already prepared the ground for a move like the one Gingrich suggests, warning his fans that all negative polls are “fake news” and declaring the “fake news media” enemies of the people. The next step logically is expurgation from the White House. The press and their friends on the left will go nuts about impending dictatorship, the right will cheer that it finally has a leader with the balls to punish the media for routinely treating Republicans unfairly. Everyone wins. And meanwhile Trump and his staff will still be leaking nonstop to reporters. The public perception would be that journalists had lost access, but the reality is that access would simply go further underground. The war on “fake news” is, after all, itself fake. Trump could never be apart from the media that gives his life purpose for very long.

The words “Banana Republic” (not the store) come to mind. Newt, this is a really, really bad idea. I get it: you are ticked that the press dug into your personal business (the fact that you were an elected official means that happens). You do not like being reminded about your  inconvenient and awkward choices. But that is part of the job of the press in a free society: they make all of us mad at times. We the People are not good at being puppets, and it makes us rather angry.

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  • Rick Caird says:

    This is Bull. The MSM is not interested in news and reporting. They are interested in “Get Trump Progaganda” and nothing more. They are printing all this anti Trump propaganda relying on unattributed sources. Pull tre press credentials for any outlet that relies on “sources” unless they name the sources. This is directed at the NYT and the WaPo. It seems like every day they print another story to generate outrage, but no one ever knows the source of the story. So, until they come clean, throw the bastards out.

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