New AIP column: Democrats fiddle while the economy burns

New AIP column: Democrats fiddle while the economy burns

My newest column at American Issues Project is live. This week, I take a look at how the modern-day Neros (Democrats) are too busy fiddling around with extremist liberal legislation — like nationalized health care and cap-and-trade — to truly help boost our economy. While they’re fiddling, our economy is burning:

If the unemployment rate is at a dismal 9.8%, we’ve lost an average of 16,000 jobs a day, and only one state saw an increase in jobs over the last nine months (North Dakota, with an increase of less than 2,000 jobs), would you consider that there could be such a thing as a “jobless recovery”?

As ridiculous as it may seem, it’s exactly what Democrats seem content to settle for. They’re so preoccupied with health care and cap-and-trade that they’ve seemingly forgotten that we have an ailing economy and an outrageous pile of debt. While Obama is promising that he’ll work until everyone who is unemployed will be able to get a job thanks to his economic policies, his actions speak otherwise — and so do the words of his economic advisor, Christina Romer. Last week, she told Congress that unemployment was likely to stay exactly where it was, but that she still expected an economic growth in the third quarter.

And with that, we have a “jobless recovery”. Unemployment may remain at 9.8%, but hey, chin up — we’re still going to have some form of economic growth! You may not be able to afford to feed your family, but Obama’s economic advisor says it’ll all be OK, so take solace in that.

Be sure to read the whole thing.

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  • physics geek says:

    While they’re fiddling, our economy is burning

    It’s the Democrat version of being “en fuego”.

  • Steve says:

    In 2004, it’s all we heard: How bad the jobless recovery was back then before the tax cuts stimulated the economy enough for biz to hire.

    The plan here is that they hope that the economy will turn enough in the next year so they can take credit. This is why only 25% of the stimulus money will be spent this year, and another 50% next year, and then the rest just in time to — they hope — relect Obama.

    And that’s another reason the health care “reform” won’t take place until after the next presidential race. When votes find out how bad it will be, they’d vote all the idiots out of office.

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