Neil Cavuto Destroys Million Student March Organizer Keely Mullen

Neil Cavuto Destroys Million Student March Organizer Keely Mullen

Neil Cavuto Destroys Million Student March Organizer Keely Mullen

Oh, Keely. Sweet, sweet Keely. You just didn’t see that one coming, did you? You thought you’d go on Fox News, flex your gray matter, and prove to the world that students around the country deserve every penny the 1% in this greedy nation have in their bank accounts. You were prepared, your parents were watching, and your friends had given you the “you go girl” speech, probably between tokes. You thought you had this, but then Neil had to go and take you to church, didn’t he, Keely?

It will be okay, someday we’ll all forget who you are. Maybe.

Keely Mullen is a national organizer for the Million Student March, which provided us with plenty of mock worthy material all by itself; That said, thank you, Keely, from the bottom of my heart for your addition.

College students across the country rallied Thursday to protest student debt at the Million Student March, rallying around the hashtags #MillionStudentMarch and #FightFor15. According to the organizers, the planning began months before marches and some 115 colleges were expected to participate.

Among their demands: cancellation of all student debt, tuition-free public college and a $15 minimum wage for campus workers.

Keely joined Neil Cavuto on his show for what I’m sure she believed would be a breakout moment in her advocacy aspirations. A modern day Joan of Arc, sans the minor detail about being a beloved heroine commanded by God to fight… and pretty much every other aspect of the tale. However, I’m pretty sure this interview could be described as ending in fiery martyrdom, so there’s that.

When asked who would pick up the tab for the demands she listed, Mullen said, “The 1 percent of people who are hoarding the wealth and causing a catastrophe students are facing.”

“If the 1 percent just had their taxes raised a few years ago back to almost 40 percent then to pay for the healthcare law, they had them raised another few percentage points, then they had their deductions limited to raise another couple points — depending on the state or locality — they’re pushing over about 50 percent in taxes,” Cavuto told Mullen. “How much more do you think they should pay?”

Grab some popcorn, gather your family, and watch this beautiful monstrosity unfold:

It was… painful. It was like watching Legally Blonde, but then at the end we find out that Elle Woods really isn’t cut out for Harvard, and the movie ends with her depressed and binge eating chocolates in bed.

Who told her to seek debate classes from Miss South Carolina?!

Okay, okay, I’m being harsh. Back to the interview.

When Cavuto asked her if she think the 1 percent could actually fund all her demands, Mullen said, “Absolutely.” However, Cavuot claimed taxing the 1 percent at 100 percent wouldn’t even fund Medicare for three years — let alone all of her demands for free services.

“They’ve done studies on this, Keeley, I don’t want to get boring here, but even if you were to take the 1 percent and take all of their money — tax it 100 percent — do you know that couldn’t keep Medicare, just Medicare, in this country going for three years?” Cavuto asked. “Did you know that?”

“Yeah, I don’t believe that,” Mullen said in response. “Yeah, I’m sorry, that just sounds completely ludicrous to me.”

I’m sure Keely was fairly nervous, I know I would be, especially if I was completely inept at defending my own position. However, the fact remains that countless college aged individuals gathered around this country because they actually believe what this woman is saying. Let that sink in. The ever brilliant Bill Whittle shattered the 1% argument years ago, and while he wasn’t talking about higher education, he annihilated the presuppositions of people like Keely who believe the 1% in America are an ever flowing source of funds. If you’ve already watched the below video, share it with anyone – and I mean anyone – who watched that Cavuto interview and pledged allegiance with Keely.

So, there you have it.

Can we get this poor girl into Econ 101, or a beginners finance class… maybe a calculator? If someone earning $250,000 a year paid a 90% tax, that means they’d take home $25,000, and I know entry level McDonalds employees who are only making slightly less than that. Why would anyone strive for success in such a suffocating, irresponsible financial system? People like Keely are individuals whom the left have labeled as “future leaders,” and that should terrify everyone. If I gave my 7 year-old nephew $10 for cleaning my car, and then demanded $9 back to give to his brother who didn’t do anything, he’d think I was insane – and rightly so.

Oh, Keely… I fear you won’t be living this one down anytime soon.

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  • nina says:

    And remember– in Roosevelt’s time 90% was the top graduated rate… meaning that only the top portion of the income was taxed at that level, and lower rates were assessed at incomes up to that threshold. This progressive scheme actively discourages the highest wage-earners from upward mobility, as the percentage taxed at the very top becomes draconian. So no, a quarter-million salary wouldn’t be taxed down to 25K… but having to give up 90% of every dollar over, say, 250K would make you think twice about trying to earn it! Think about it!

    • Sandy says:

      The Ike comparison only “touched” about 1000 people in the US with the 90percent tax rate, so context is needed here. That said, this is exactly what the communists wanted in America, and Khruschev told us he would do it slowly – Obama told us that he would “fundamentally change America”….and this is the result: a dumbed down, comfortable junior electorate who don’t understand they are asking for their own firing squad. They are being duped – I feel sorry for this kid, but, in the end she is being duped by none other than Bernadine Dorn, noted communist agent and homegrown terrorist. Look at her Linked-In page.

  • Melissa says:

    I weep for the future.

  • Louise says:

    After watching this interview, I am extremely worried about the future of our country even more than when Obama was re-elected! What in the world are they teaching our young people in economics, statistics, history, and simple math class? I’m all for giving and helping others but to give up 90% of my earnings….. I know after working three jobs (a student worker 3 days a wk, retail every weekend, and a care giver on the 4-12AM shift five days a week at the local group home) during under graduate, pinching pennies to pay my pre-owned car’s insurance, living on Ramen Noodles, and taking 15-21 hours each semester for four years, l would not be happy like Miss Mullen claims her friends and family would be with that tax increase! I do believe that I appreciate the blessings the Lord has given me a lot more than I would had my parents just given me everything and if I wouldn’t have had to work for my accomplishments. This young lady and her friends/organization members should have planned a little better for their college education. However, how can one know the logistics of creating “free” college education for everyone when they obviously took their “free” high school education for granted by not learning history and the rest of subjects? I too came from a “working class” family but from the very beginning my parents instilled in me the importance of being responsible for my actions. If I wanted to go to college, I had to earn the grades, seek out financial benefits, and handle working while attending school. It is now 20 years since I received my
    undergraduate degree and even though my husband and I have had great success in owning our own businesses for the past fifteen years, we have also continued to make sacrifices in order to see that our goals and dreams are accomplished. Along the road to our success I have gained some valuable rewards and experience by working as a Social Worker and then an Elementary school teacher after having our son. My husband also worked diligently for various corporations and numerous fields using his knowledge gained from his Accounting/Business Administration degree. His experiences ultimately gave him greater insight to how the business world really functions. In order to acquire his dream of owning his own business while raising a family we sacrificed many luxuries. Those sacrifices paid off and now we have been able to enjoy and appreciate the rewards. Unfortunately we see young people like Miss Mullen EVERYDAY with applicants fresh out of school. We have had individuals turn down a 45K a year job with full benefits and three weeks vacation (and all holidays) two days after their college graduation. They EXPECT everything to be given to them and do not understand the value of experience and work ethic! The young adults/adolescents in college today live in an instant gratification world with social media and a fast paced lifestyle. Instead of “skimming” through facts, life, and classes, they need to take the time to READ those dusty books in the libraries and really listen to those “old” professors in class before posting, blogging, or opening their mouths! Do not take this wrong, I am quite pleased with the benefits of social media and the quick access to information on the Web. I am also grateful for the young adults wanting to improve our world and taking interest in global concerns. We just need to make sure that they are getting ALL of the information not just the high lights! When they only read “tweets” for news, choose candidates with the “coolest” celebrity backers, and follow organizations with the “most likes” and “politically correct” agendas we really shouldn’t be surprised when they devise a plan that would create a real life “Mad Max” world!

    • Marybeth Glenn says:

      I, too, am concerned for our future, Louise. Thank you so much for your comments, it would take me forever and a day to note all of the pieces I enjoyed. – MG

    • richard stead says:

      I don’t fear the future. I am sure she is part of the less than one percent that are clueless.

  • Stephanie says:

    I’m tired of ALL the handouts and entitlement. Louise has worked hard and understands – I don’t know this website but am proud to find some strong, hardworking women. I still tape on my VCR in my small mountain town, have one cellphone between my husband and myself, because it’s cheaper (and service doesn’t work here anyway). I am in my early forties and can, but have yet to join Facebook, and as we are capable, we choose not to do social media. We are not isolationists, we can do any tech that we choose, we watch FOX. CAVUTO was nice to HER, Limbaugh was even decent because he wasn’t face-to-face… However, how many “ums”, “uhs”, and “yeahs” make it into a speech by Keely Mullen? (at Yale no less). About 40 in the interview by my count. That does not include the “I mean’s”. Maybe I’m older (not much) and was taught how to speak well and for that matter write in cursive… Oh, I also have worked since I was 14 in restaurants for way less than minimum wage (tips do make up for it if you are a good server). I have a biology degree, a teaching license, paid for my college (in-state) myself (with ed & sports scholarships), (with parents that could have paid (in/out-of-state), but I was taught to pay for all of my own stuff. I still choose to manage a local restaurant. I taught special ed for 1 year at our only school (while still waiting tables) and I decided my bureaucracy didn’t work. I have lived here and worked hard for 21 years and hope that our future is brighter than what we have had for the last seven. No one owes me anything.

    • Marybeth Glenn says:

      Hi, Stephanie! So awesome that you’ve found us 🙂 I completely agree with everything you said, and really enjoyed reading your comment.

  • Stephanie says:

    By the way, don’t you dress up for Fox news and interviews anymore?

    • Marybeth Glenn says:

      Stephanie, I thought the same thing!

      • Hillary2016 says:

        No, you dress up for news interviews–not when you’re being attacked by the ‘journalistic’ mouth piece of the Tea Party and the Koach brothers.

        • Marybeth Glenn says:

          Well, we know who you’re voting for 😉 You know, it would have been easy for her to take down that “journalistic” mouth piece of the Tea Party and Koch brothers if she had a legitimate argument. Why don’t you try giving us one?

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