“National Vetting Center” for Immigrants & Visitors

“National Vetting Center” for Immigrants & Visitors

“National Vetting Center” for Immigrants & Visitors

Word broke late Monday evening that President Trump would be moving ahead with more scrutiny and tighter controls on prospective immigrants and visitors. CNN is reporting the president will be signing a national security memorandum on Tuesday establishing a “National Vetting Center:”

…intended to streamline vetting and improve the flow of information between various federal agencies.
The memorandum Trump is expected to sign on Tuesday will not establish any new authorities or call for any new funding to establish the vetting center, which will be an effort between DHS, the State Department, Justice Department and intelligence agencies, a National Security Council official said.

Unmoved by Rep. Luis Gutierrez’s rodent-like retreat from the SOTU, the work of keeping the American people safer will go on. Furthermore, there will be attention to detail on both sides of the immigration portal.

While the center’s efforts are largely expected to focus on visa applicants, immigrants and others looking to enter the US, the center will also look to streamline vetting of certain individuals who are already in the US, including those subject to deportation proceedings, according to the National Security Council official.

He’s also not calling for any additional funding. Assured of challenges from immigrants’ rights activists to civil liberties groups, the administration is including “a standing privacy and civil liberties panel.” They give some oversight capacity of the center’s activities and, according to The Hill, they have the next six months to get established. In addition, they will have a “board of governors”—which includes cabinet members—as their oversight monitors.

In classic CNN fashion, however, they can’t resist a shot at the president:

Trump has also repeatedly mischaracterized US vetting procedures, suggesting during the campaign and into his presidency that some individuals have entered the US without proper vetting. In railing against the current US visa lottery program, Trump has suggested individuals are randomly selected for entry to the US, leaving out the background screening procedures they must first pass.

Mischaracterized. I hope they had a ladder to get them off that high horse. They also might want to watch where their foot lands. I’d suggest they check in with some of the fellows at, oh, say, the Department of Justice…for starters. In a report released in January 2018,the DoJ/DHS had some eye-opening figures on just who we’re letting through the door:

DOJ, DHS Report: Three Out of Four Individuals Convicted of International Terrorism and Terrorism-Related Offenses were Foreign-Born

Departments of Justice and Homeland Security Release Data for the First Time on Terrorism-Related Activity

Today, the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) released a report, revealing that three out of every four, or 402, individuals convicted of international terrorism-related charges in U.S. federal courts between September 11, 2001, and December 31, 2016 were foreign-born. Over the same period, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement removed approximately 1,716 aliens with national security concerns. Further, in 2017 alone DHS had 2,554 encounters with individuals on the terrorist watch list (also known as the FBI’s Terrorist Screening Database) traveling to the United States.

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen (Photo Credit: CBS Boston)

Well, hey! That’s some warm fuzzies there, right? That alone makes one wish DHS went over every filled-out entry visa with a magnifying glass. And now it won’t stop at “coming in the door.” As Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said on Face the Nation:

I think what we take directly away from the report is we need to continue to enhance our screening and vetting. But it also tells us we need to continually vet those who are here. We have examples unfortunately over the last decades of terrorist attacks from legal permanent residents and others who were naturalized. So we need to be able to continue up until the point they become a U.S. citizen, to continue to vet them to ensure they haven’t become radicalized.

So the president is going to use his pen Tuesday morning. He’s going to try to put his promises into action. Remember what some of those were from the SOTU?

Let’s refresh:

Heads on the Left will explode, because that’s their way. Corey Booker will weep more crocodile tears of anguish and rage for the camera (or swear he did earlier.)  The judges will throw injunctions to see what sticks. Sanctuary state AGs will file lawsuits. All in the name of protecting immigrants from American citizens and their safety.

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