My Favorite Blogs

My Favorite Blogs

I know that John does this every quarter, but I don’t think I’ve done a list of my favorite blogs before. I’m not listing them in any particular order here, but these are my top picks, my must reads — these come highly recommended by Yours Truly, and therefore, you should definitely read them

  • Michelle Malkin: The best in the biz, and largely my inspiration for getting into blogging.
  • Right Wing News: John Hawkins’ blog, who has taught me everything I know about blogging and pushes me to be better.
  • Conservative Grapevine: A must-see every day if you want to know what the best stories of the day are.
  • Dr. Melissa Clouthier: Great commentary, interesting stories, and she also happens to be a great friend of mine.
  • Rachel Lucas: No one out there like her. She’s a smart, funny, B.A. chick who is one of the most talented writers I’ve read.
  • Ace of Spades HQ: A daily must-read. Great commentary with great snark.
  • Hot Air: Also a daily must-read. Always up-to-date with the most important stories of the day.
  • Atlas Shrugs: Like Rachel, there’s no one out there like Pamela. I love her energy and enthusiasm, and how she’s just so larger-than-life.
  • House of Eratosthenes: Smart commentary with interesting stories you can’t find anywhere else.
  • American Princess: E.M. Zanotti is a talented writer who is also one of the sweetest, nicest people I’ve “met” through blogging.
  • Blackfive: The best milblog out there, period.
  • The Jawa Report: If you want to stay up to date on the War on Terror and radical Islam, then the Jawa Report is the site for you.

    And of course, there’s Wizbang and Stop the ACLU, where I blog in addition to this site. They are great blogs that you should also read regularly.

    So, there’s my list of daily must-reads in the blogosphere. I think you should go read them all if you don’t already. Like, right NOW.

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    • Hey Cassy,

      Thanks for the round up. I read all these too, and am trying to bring along some politically uninformed friends who are, shall we say “not quite up to speed” with what’s happening. I have forwarded your post on to them with the recommendation they use your list. Only one other blog I’d add to it — yours!

      Keep up the great work.

      Andrea Shea King
      The Radio Patriot

    • Wow Cassy, what a high honor. I don’t know what to say. Thanks.

    • David Spence says:

      Rachel Lucas and Laurie Kendrick ( are daily stops. For more infrequent posts but terrific writing, check out rare talent!

    • David Spence says:

      Sorry for the above bad link-it’s http;//

    • David Spence says:

      I’ll get it right soon-

    • Sisyphus says:

      Hmph. Surely the contents of The Sisyphus Files make it a worthy addition to your esteemed list. Perhaps this Cassy Fiano website needs to hire an official Director of Blog Diversity followed by an immediate investigation into racism and blogscrimination. As night follows day, reparations shall soon paid!

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