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general wesley clark: idiot moonbat

general wesley clark: idiot moonbat

so what if john mccain spent more then 5 years in the hanoi hilton being tortured.  no big deal.  what else has he done to qualify himself to be president?


well according to barack obama surrogate, general wesley clark, not much. 

clark showed up yesterday on “Face the Nation” with bob schieffer.  he attacked mccain’s military service saying that he was “untested and untried”.  can you believe that?  after schieffer pointed out the mccain had:  1) commanded the largest naval air squadron,  2) had honorably endured over 5 years of torture as a POW in vietnam, and  3) had been on the senate armed services committee since obama was in college, schieffer asked clark how he could claim that mccain was “untested and untried”.


here are some of the low-lights of what clark’s response was:

“Because in the matters of national security policy making, it

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