Muslim Girls’ Only Prom in Detroit Is Our Future

Muslim Girls’ Only Prom in Detroit Is Our Future

Muslim Girls’ Only Prom in Detroit Is Our Future

For the sixth year, Hamtramck High School in Michigan will hold a “Muslim Girls Only” prom. Hamtramck is thirteen miles North of Detroit on I75 and is the first (and soon to be not the only) Muslim majority town in the United States. The Princess Project Prom is described in Heat Street by Ian Miles Cheong:

Hamtramck High School’s girls-only “Princess Prom” was first organized in 2012 by a group of five Muslim girls to give them the opportunity to go to a “safe space” prom. In 2016, 230 girls showed up. This year, they’re expecting at least 250 attendees.


According to Michigan Live, the event is “intended to create a safe space for Muslim girls who normally cover up in hijab to let their hair down in an environment with no boys and no cellphones.” In normal circumstances, Muslim girls and women from ultraconservative backgrounds are not allowed to expose their hair in public, among many other strict religious prohibitions for women. With a cellphone ban in place, no one will be able to share photos of them with their hair displayed to social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

That’s so cute. Who knew in the United States of America after the 60’s marches and hoses and police with dogs we would have a Sharia Compliant Prom. Sweet.

Princess Project Prom Fundraiser featuring “Walking Tacos”

Do you see what they are selling for the “Princess Project Prom” fundraiser? Tacos. The Sharia Compliant prom is being partially funded by Cultural Appropriation. Tacos are not Middle Eastern….just saying. I actually worked out with some Bangladeshi women who wore the hijab and loose clothing to work out. For “Share Your Culture” day they made a Tandoori chicken and rice and a dessert called Vahrehvah (flan) that would make you slap your mama. My American cheese on a saltine was not a big hit.

Huda Jawad writing in Islamic Insights posits this:

On a micro level, a couple of Muslims attending prom doesn’t hurt anyone. Or does it? Adamantly sinning and going against any morals is indeed corrosive to the soul of the person who takes part in the event. However, on a larger level, it leads to the watering down of religion. Personal accountability is eliminated, and it gives us the mindset that because everyone else is doing it, it’s okay or “less wrong”.

And, I totally agree with her. If a Mosque wants to host “Separate but Equal” Prom-type parties, go for it. The public schools should not be permitting this type of event. Religion is the purview of the family and faith community. In Orthodox Jewish sects, gender segregation is normative. Public schools don’t hold separate events for compliant Jews.

Hamtramck High School Muslim Princesses

You want my opinion. Too bad, you are getting it anyway. I think they are all terrified. They being the Civil Rights crowd, the feminists, the Social Justice Warriors and the LGBTQ gender denial crowd. They may not be necessarily terrified that they will be beheaded, although… No, they are terrified they will be a fascist like President Donald Trump. There are no firm societal rules and no personal responsibility. That is why Islam will take over in the United States of America. The Constitution of the United States of America and Sharia Law are antithetical. Get ready for Sharia compliant graduation, coming soon to a school near you.

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