Mitch McConnell Wants to Be The Party of Yes

Merry Christmas
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Mitch McConnell Wants to Be The Party of Yes

Mitch McConnell Wants to Be The Party of Yes

Evidently, I wasn’t specific enough in my Christmas Wishes and prayers, and Santa in conjunction with the Almighty responded accordingly.

According to the New York Times, McConnell “acknowledges that changing the mind-set of opposition” in the next Congress “will be crucial to advancing legislation that will attract Democratic support and force” Obama “into difficult choices over whether to sign measures pushed by his adversaries.” The Times notes “that is why his focus will be lawmakers he thinks he can meld into a governing coalition.”

ATTENTION MITCH McCONNELL!!!  It turns out we don’t need anyone from the other side to agree with us.  We have something called a “majority” which means the Congress and the Senate can pass whatever bills they want and send them to the President and let him be the person who says “yes” or “no.”

So when I wished that the GOP would crap-hammer the Liberals in the 2014 election, I should have made sure that I had some caveats; like getting a majority leader in the Senate with a spine, and some testicular fortitude.

I don’t give two hoots in hell what exactly the Democrats think of your views.  You were hired by the voters to do a job, and sometimes, that job is going to involve being confrontational; unless the GOP majority Congress doesn’t consider itself a co-equal branch of government.  The GOP doesn’t need the Democrats to advance their agenda, and as it turns out, even Mary Landrieu found out how treacherous the Democrat party was when she did try to pass a bill that the GOP wants to move.

Do none of these people who claim to be our representatives listen to the news?  Do they not go near one opinion poll?  The resistance to illegal immigrant amnesty is polling hirer than whether people think the sun will rise.  In the Pacific Northwest, not giving illegal aliens drivers licenses won by a greater margin than pot legalization in the last election.

Evidently, there are some jobs that Americans WILL do.

The voters that are counting on the GOP to put a stop to the agenda of Faux King Obama are going to drag the lame-ass GOP that wants to be popular with the DC lobbyists at cocktail parties to the deep waters of conservatism and drown them.  The next election will also be a wave election if Mitch McConnell and the GOP majority will not do what the voters put them there to do.  I am certain this fact has eluded him, so maybe we could get Trey Gowdy to explain to him how this works?

Make Faux King Obama explain to the voters in Louisiana why they can’t have Keystone XL pipeline jobs.  Make him explain his lawlessness on Immigration Reform.  Make him stand in front of his supporters and explain why he is against what the country overwhelmingly voted for.  If that means that the government doesn’t run for a few days, more’s the pity.  I don’t need the federal government to go about my daily business.  Do you?

How does the GOP win national elections for the rest of time?  Here is the formula:  Have a backbone, stand for what you believe in and START ACTING LIKE YOU WON!!

Merry Christmas dear readers, and let’s all pray that the newly elected majority in our government finds their courage and does what we ask them before we have to hold them underwater in the conservative drowning pool of the next wave election.

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