Michelle Obama Library Normalizes the Abnormal

Michelle Obama Library Normalizes the Abnormal

Michelle Obama Library Normalizes the Abnormal

PJMedia.com has a stellar article on an event at the Michelle Obama Library in Long Beach California. A Drag Queen was brought in to read to small children. Not just any old drag queen that one might have seen in the drag bars in New Orleans years ago. Oh, no. No, my friends. This drag queen calls himself a “killer clown from outerspace”. PJMedia author Megan Fox writes it so well:

This particular drag queen, named Xochi Mochi, calls himself a “killer clown from outerspace,” “dragula,” and “Super Monster.” Consider for a moment that many children get scared when they go to see Santa Clause or the Easter Bunny and yet a public library children’s librarian thought a visit with a killer clown would be fun!

Here is Mr. Mochi in full regalia reading to the little, bright faced cherubs at the library.

Mr. Mochi reading to the children at the Michelle Obama Long Beach Library

According to writer Fox:

This gives me nightmares. I can only imagine what my three-year-old would think. Long Beach isn’t the first community to do this. They have jumped on the bandwagon that started in New York libraries where virtue signaling parents haul their little ones to sit in the presence of drag queens so everyone will see how compliant with the new directives they are. Aren’t they tolerant? Aren’t they wonderful? Everyone clap for the useful idiots!

I don’t want anyone shoved back into a closet. I want people to live their own authentic self within the confines of the United States Constitution. This is not about the people down the street who can finally marry and visit each other in the hospital and get the life insurance. No. This is child abuse.

Alongside the picture of his library reading was this tweet:

I had to look it up. The last time I saw it was the LGBTQ community. What is the LGBTQIA community? According to the University of California Davis LGBTQIA Resource Center, it is now Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Intersexual and Asexual community. And, it’s “History Month”.

Look the responsibility of every rational, sentient adult is to keep children innocent as long as possible. To thrust them into sexual identity politics is child abuse. End of conversation. Full stop. The people in the leadership of the LGBTQIAXYZ community are angry bullies. They are coming for your children.

Here is Xochi Mochi “performing” at Exposuredrag’s “Not My President’s Day” show:

You cannot protect your children enough. They don’t understand sexual politics. If these bullies weren’t angry and mixed up, they would want to protect children in their innocence too. Please, parents, be aware of everything that is in your child’s environment and stay out of the library.

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  • Nina says:

    It’s a demonic clown. Little bitty children have problems with Santa, the Easter Bunny, and regular clowns!

    Pushing an agenda on children that age is wrong. Flat Out WRONG. Let them be CHILDREN and retain their innocence!

    • GWB says:

      Oh no. We can’t have that. You will be MADE to care!
      The progs don’t believe in innocence. They believe in propagandizing. Go read Brave, New World to see how it will some day be done in vitro and onward.

  • Stacy0311 says:

    Feel free to let your freak flag fly.
    Just don’t expect me to salute it.

  • Scott says:

    Are we sure that’s not just Michelle in make-up???

  • cathymv says:

    I am an adult and that scares the begeebers our of me….

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