Mexico Complains About National Guard on the Border

Mexico Complains About National Guard on the Border

The Mexican government is not happy about the decision to send 1000 troops to the border, and they’re actually being rather loud about it.  ConservativeInfidel reports:

“Attention to the immigration phenomenon must be paid from a long-term regional perspective and based on the principles of good neighborliness and shared responsibility,” the Foreign Relations Secretariat said in a statement.

“The strategy for responding in an effective and humane manner to this phenomenon includes the necessary shared responsibility among the countries of origin, transit and destination of migration flows,” the statement continued.

The secretariat declared its commitment to the protection of the migrants’ human rights and the orchestration of “specific actions directed at the most vulnerable, including unaccompanied children and teenagers.”

Good neighborliness, according to Mexico, means us footing the bill while half their country walks right in.  Shared responsibility?  No, thanks. To us, fences are what make good neighbors.   News flash, Mexico:  The way this is supposed to work is that you guys keep your people, and we keep ours.

Now get off my lawn.


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