McCain strikes with another new ad

McCain strikes with another new ad

McCain strikes with another new ad

McCain’s rapid response team struck the iron while it was hot last night by putting out an ad almost immediately attacking Obama. And there’s already a second one.

Last night, Obama tried to defend the fact that he voted to cut funding for our troops, and McCain slams him on it. He even uses Obama’s own running mate against him, something he started doing when Biden was picked, and should be doing more often still.

The unfortunate thing about the debate last night is that Obama was able to lie over and over again about his positions without anyone to challenge him on it. The media certainly won’t call him on it. And so, McCain’s doing the right thing here. This ad will be running nationally. He needs to keep making these ads pointing out the contradictions from Obama’s policies and his answers last night, because that’s the only way that anyone will hear about it.

Obama tried to play it last night as though his vote was just because he wanted to bring the troops home. It’s a complete lie. His own running mate acknowledged that. Obama voted against funding for the troops because it was what he saw as a smart political move. Nothing more. And McCain has hit a home run in pointing this out.

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    McCain had a tough loss last nite, huh??

    I think Barack pointed out that he voted against the fundings based on writing a blank check. everyone wants to stop funding the war in Iraq, and finish the CORRECT WAR in afghanastan. That’s already been decided by america, which is what we were supposed to do in the first place.

    Now, look, we are in afghanastan! Where were you when this happened??

    We want to shift people to the right place, so that soldiers can hurry and get home!! That’s a bipartisan plan that has been in the works for about 3 or so years now!!

    Writing a blank check back then would have sent us into an earlier recession , without question. Things are already uncertain and to do something like NOT decide on a timeline and continue to print money and not know how much of that we are doing is, well. . .Look at the economy now!

    Think about what would have happened if the first part of that was passed! It would have been worse, no $700B to bailout, more banks would have closed, more people out of work and we would have an economy that would have completely STOPPED!

    That commercial didn’t even say anything, either!! Did you make that video??

  • proof says:

    Good stuff, Cassy! This guy Biden may be the best ace in the hole the Republicans have got!

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