Maureen Dowd Shows Us How Smug She Really Is

Maureen Dowd Shows Us How Smug She Really Is

Maureen Dowd Shows Us How Smug She Really Is

We know the New York Times’ Maureen Dowd can’t quit Trump. We also know the “journalists” in the bag for Biden are quite the mob so, in Maureen’s world, this means jumping on the mug shot train.

And, indeed, she did. Her latest literary masterpiece, “Catch the Smug Mug on that Thug“, is her latest exhibit of her TDS on display.

Maureen, it’s been almost three years, now. Let it go. This criticism is not constructive for our republic. Nor is it necessary. But Maureen Dowd and her readers somehow think it is; that “justice” has finally been served. Maureen, however, is not satisfied with Trump “tha Thug”‘s expression in tha mug:

As with Oscar Wilde’s charismatic and amoral narcissist, the Picture of Donald Trump should have been a “foul parody,” a reflection of what the chancer has done with his life. It should have shown Trump’s corroding soul rather than his truculent face.

It should have revealed a man so cynical and depraved that he is willing to smash our nation’s soul — our democracy — and destroy faith in our institutions. All this simply to avoid being called a loser.”-Maureen Dowd

She quotes Oscar Wilde, of course, because, she is an intellectual. Trump’s mugshot should have been more Dorian Gray-like, apparently: “Through some strange quickening of inner life the leprosies of sin were slowly eating the thing away. The rotting of a corpse in a watery grave was not so fearful.”

Now that would have been some primo merch: Trump slapping a rotting mug shot on a mug and selling it on his campaign website for the low, low price of $25.”-Maureen Dowd

And, Trump is the smug one here, Ms. Dowd? Okay, Boomer.

But Dowd drones on about how Trump “never learnd about mugshots at The Wharton School of Finance”:

They didn’t teach him not to be a big liar and cheat, either. Wharton is a place where they should teach you about mug shots. All American business schools should have a class on mug shots.”-Maureen Dowd

Huh? In that case, I would argue for mug shots in ALL Ivy League Universities. Let’s start with Georgetown and Yale. Perhaps the president’s son, Hunter Biden, would have learned something.

He no doubt workshopped his stroppy mug-shot look in front of the mirror, trying to convey ‘Never surrender!’ as he was literally surrendering. And in another master stroke of projection, he accused the prosecutors pursuing him for election interference of ‘election interference.'”-Maureen Dowd

No Dowd, Dowd.

But Trump is feral and cunning, and deep in his amygdala, he must have shivered, thinking to himself, ‘Damn, I could go to prison. My liberty is actually at risk.’ Even though he has spent his whole life getting away with things, sliding out of things, stiffing people, conning people, he had to have a moment at the jail when he realized he is in the prosecutors’ sights. He even went out and hired a real criminal lawyer.”-Maureen Dowd

And, so is the left, Ms. Dowd. They just dress it up to not look as thuggish with their Beltway cocktail parties, fundraisers and art auctions-a few of which you, as an esteemed “journalist” have been in attendance. Feral and cunning looks something like this:

And, while we’re on the subject of Joe Biden and Maureen’s love affair with the decrepit old man, Dowd does not hesitate to point out that Biden called Trump “handsome” in his mug shot.

Smug, much? Oh, that’s right. Joe Biden is cool. Joe Biden is “a transformational, once-in-a-generation progressive champion, with comparisons to L.B.J. and F.D.R.”

Gag me with a crowbar.

And smug? Joe Biden is a “cute little grandpa” (who just now acknowledged his most recent grandchild). He would never-ever-ever do a smug thing in his life:

The timing of this tweet was impeccable. But no, not smug at all. In old, senile Joe’s defense, this was probably not him posting on X. But, in times of mental clarity, he may have done this. This also begs the question of those working on his campaign who thought this Tweet was in “good taste”.

Smug mugs…all of them. We see you, Maureen.

Give it a rest, Maureen. Smug walks on stage and talks about ice cream when kids have been murdered. Smug makes racist jokes about Dunkin’ Donuts and 7-11. Smug takes from the American people on the sly but shamelessly. Smug calls our troops “stupid bastards”. Smug stands in front of people who have lost their loved ones and talks about a kitchen fire and almost losing his Corvette. Smug has an equally smug offspring, Smug takes cracked-out, naked pictures with hookers whilst giving the “Big Guy” in the Ray-Bans a “cut”. This is what smug looks like, Ms. Dowd.

Maureen ends her Pulitzer Prize prose with a quote from Audrey Hepburn from “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” in a scene after a tangle with the law:

There are certain shades of limelight that can wreck a girl’s complexion.”-Audrey Hepburn

Maureen, hold this mirror and take a good look. My advice?You may want to invest in more StriVectin or get your plastic surgeon on the line to fix your own smug mug. Your complexion is no oil painting right now.

Photo Credit: Artwi, CC BY-SA 3.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

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