LOL: Obama trying to get economic advice from Twitter

LOL: Obama trying to get economic advice from Twitter

My confidence in the Obama administration’s leadership dwindles daily. Seeking economic advice from Twitter? Really?

Twitter cofounder and CEO Ev Williams is headed to the White House today.

The administration invited him to join a “young business leaders” summit to discuss the economic crises.

As Ev himself puts it — in a Twitter message, of course — “[this] must mean they’re *really* out of ideas.”

And here’s what makes this story especially funny:

A reminder: With 6 million members and 700% plus growth, Twitter makes no money in the US. (It sells some ads in Japan).

So Obama wants economic advice from a “business” that makes no money but is really, really popular?

Actually, knowing that it’s Obama we’re talking about, that makes a lot of sense. His whole administration is about the superficial, but hey — it’s really, really popular!

And don’t get me wrong — I have nothing against Twitter itself. I love Twitter. (You can follow me here). I do, however, think it’s more than a little ridiculous that the White House is trying to get economic advice from Twitter. And if even the cofounder is laughing about it, you’d think Obama would get the hint, too.

Hat Tip: Spencer Pederson on Twitter

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  • Will says:

    Once again, it’s amateur hour at the white house

  • Steve L. says:

    Hey, President!

    My degree is in economics!

    I’m available for discreet consultations!

  • I think I am very much overusing the word “seriously?” whenever I read something that Obama is doing. It is getting hard to distinguish between the real news and what appears on Scrappleface.

  • Lee says:

    My economic advice to O:
    resign, let someone who has a clue how a free market economy works replace you.
    (Which would be virtually anyone whoever sold lemonade on a street corner).

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