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Live feed of the Charlie Crist announcement

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Live feed of the Charlie Crist announcement

Not that we don’t all know what he’s going to announce or anything. It’s known he’s running as an independent. But it still might be fun to watch someone destroy their political career live, right?

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FLASHBACK: Just a few short days ago, he couldn’t figure out why he’d want to make an independent run.

Asked what’s changed that’s making him consider an independent run, Crist quietly responded that he didn’t know.

He does know, and he just doesn’t want to say it. It isn’t to better serve Floridians and it isn’t because he doesn’t self-identify as Republican. It’s because he knows he can’t win and this is either a last-ditch effort to get a victory, or a spiteful attempt to ruin it for Marco Rubio. There’s no principle in this whatsoever and he knows it. Switching to independent will destroy his political career, and for someone with no class or principles whatsoever, I can’t say that he doesn’t deserve it.

Heh: Charlie Crist’s flip-flop makes John Kerry look like the Rock of Gibraltar.

Interesting: On his official Senate website, the page where he dismissed the rumors that he would leave the Republican party has disappeared. Luckily for us, it’s cached here.

Here’s the video of Crist’s laughable speech. It’s interesting he only now, when he’s so many points behind Marco Rubio and a sure loser, that he suddenly became so principled that he had to run without party affiliation. He was fine with the system when he was the front runner. He was fine with the system when he was endorsed by the NRSC. Does he really think that everyone would have just forgotten about it? This isn’t about Florida or the constituents he says he’s trying to represent. This is all about Charlie Crist and what he thinks is best for him. Like Obama, Crist is a serial campaigner, spending a few months in office before he starts campaigning for the next thing to come along. I guess he thought the Senate would be an easy win. When it wasn’t, he bailed. All of his talk of “principle” is laughable and completely see-thru.

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Just a month ago, he was proud to be a member of the party of Teddy Roosevelt, Abraham Lincoln, and Ronald Reagan. Now, suddenly, he can’t associate with them any longer because the system is broken.

Marco Rubio’s already got an ad out using Crist’s own words against him. If Crist thinks he has a prayer of winning this as an independent, then he is delusional, baby.

If you haven’t already, help Marco Rubio defeat Charlie Crist. Donate to his campaign.

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