Lindsay Lohan’s dad drops some bombshells

Lindsay Lohan’s dad drops some bombshells

Regardless of whether Lindsay Lohan will ever get her life back on track, you can almost exclusively lay the blame on her parents for her current situation. Their childish bickering, her enabling behavior, and his being in-and-out of prison can only have contributed to her problems.

Now, Michael Lohan, Lindsay’s father, drops a series of bombshells aimed at Dina, Lindsay’s mother, in an exclusive interview with Perez Hilton. Here’s a snippet:

PH: Well I hope maybe hopefully you’ll be able to resolve things without going to court.

Michael Lohan: You know what, that’s been my hope the whole time. This is about being good parents to the kids, not about Dina and I. But she still continues to make an issue between me and her. You don’t see me having some degenerate boyfriend around my kids, I don’t have anyone around our kids, but she has this degenerate boyfriend around our kids. The guy’s a drunk, he’s a rapist, he’s a piece of garbage hanging around my children.

Perez Hilton: Wow, uhm…

ML: Yea, and there’s plenty of proof. Look at her bodyguards. As soon as I had an investigation done on their backgrounds, I found out that they were New York city police officers that were thrown off for ticket scam, and then one of the brothers found out that uhm, found out that his employer, he once worked for a pharmaceutical company, was driving the CEO around and he found out the CEO had settled a sexual harassment case years ago, so he goes and sues the employer for sexual harassment himself.

Dina’s brother Paul Sullivan is getting sentenced for 9/11 fraud. Her other brother is still living at the basement of her mother’s house at 45 years old! You want to talk about backgrounds, look at her family background and look at mine. Look at where my family is. CEOs of companies. Partners of some of the biggest brokerage firms of the country. And look at the other side of the coin.

You want to see letters from people who have known us for 25 years? To see what a good father I was? How I was there for my kids, how I supported them in every way possible. I’ll give you 45 of them. And then you go and call everyone one of these people, including DAs, one from LA. And the one from LA will tell you that Lindsay had a stalker at one time and Dina didn’t want to do anything about the stalker because she said it would be negative press for Lindsay. But worked hard and nailed him.

What comes first, the money or Lindsay’s welfare. I put welfare first, Dina put a price tag on that. I’ve never taken one red cent from Lindsay. Dina still collects from her percentage [as Lindsay’s manager] $354,000 a year from her in salary. What do you have to say about that?

He also accuses Dina of doing cocaine, having committed multiple DUIs as well as several hit-and-runs, and that she has been purposefully keeping him from the children, despite the courts giving him custoday.

He says he has proof and evidence to back up everything he says.

While I don’t know how much I’d ordinarily believe anything that comes out of this guy’s mouth, I’d believe what he says about the cocaine, the DUIs, and the hit-and-runs. Those are all things that Lindsay has done, and Dina is right by her side at every single party and club.

Click here to read the entire scandalous interview!

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  • Joe says:

    I think Lindsay’s way of dealing with issues is definitely something learned from her parents, but her root obsessive compulsive behavior is likely genetic.

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