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Kim Kardashian, like, is endorsing, like Barack Obama.

Kim Kardashian, like, is endorsing, like Barack Obama.

Like, for realz. Because, like, he’s totally into, like, change and stuff. That’s like, totally something, like, we can all, like, believe in.

Kardashian quickly explained that their dinner was anything but one-on-one: “It wasn’t just him and I. I was at an event.”

“He just seemed very firm about the change, and that’s, like, his motto,” Kardashian said, probably trying to allude to Obama’s “Change We Can Believe In” campaign slogan.

That’s like, so, like, totally deep. Like.

I wonder, like, if Kim Kardashian could, like, point out one thing, like, that Barack Obama has, like, done in, like, the past ten years. Or if, like, she can explain, like, his association with, like, racist America-hating pastors, and, like, terrorists, and like, other, like, totally not hot people. But, like, how could we, like, ever expect, like, a deep thinker like Kim Kardashian, like, to think, like, about anything deeper than, like, “change”. I mean, all she’s, like, ever done is, like, have sex with a guy and, like, be Paris Hilton’s, like, BFF.

But anyways, like, who cares? Obama is, like, so, like, totally hot right now. And that’s like, totally, like, good enough for Hollywood.

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  • Gerard says:

    I must confess that Kim could actually “buy” my vote for Obama. But she’d have to work it on me six times because, although I am a pig, I am not a cheap pig.

    P.S. And I don’t mean I buy her dinner before or anything like that. It would be a straight up and honest swap of sex for a vote.

    After all, a man’s gotta have some standards.

  • Wayne says:

    I should have known she couldn’t have a brain to go with the body. Damnit. 🙂

  • Launcelot says:

    Wow! Damn! I don’t follow pop-culture very closely. But I think I might actually be missing something. Kim Kardashian seems like an idiot but……….DAMN! If I hadn’t read the constitution, didn’t know anything about history or economics, and hadn’t thought long and hard about social issues like abortion I might vote for Obama if she told me. If she told me to really slowly and smiled at me. DAMN!

    P.S. Sorry. I know I’m a pig. But……DAMN!

  • Amanda says:

    But Heidi Montag’s endorsement of McCain goes without comment. Because, you know, she’s such a genius.

  • I R A Darth Aggie says:

    Yeah, I’d hit that. I already feel dirty for even admitting that I’d hit that. I’ll probably have to take a shower to feel human again…

    But Heidi Montag? huh? who the heck is she? I know of Ms. Kardashian ’cause of Agent Bedhead’s tireless work of keeping track of brainless celebutards and their wacky antics.

  • Angry White Guy says:


    Show me the quote of that endorsement, and we’ll talk…

    If she eshewed the use of the word “like”, then I’m afraid she’s several steps ahead of Ms Kardashian…

    PS. I am ashamed to admit it, but the lizard-brain, that portion of a man’s brain that meets frustration and responds with “Monkey smash!!”, finds her doable…

    I’d have to gag her to prevent her from talking and thus ruining the moment, but other than that… 🙂

  • KurtP says:

    Does she have a beeper to let people know that huge thing is reversing?

    My Gawd, each cheek must hold 2 gallons of industial streingth silicone.

  • Denise says:

    Lord have mercy! If her butt was any bigger, you could park a semi on it. Like.

  • Arcticman Speaks! says:

    Your picture is much nicer. Enough said.

  • Angry White Guy says:

    So Amanda…

    Heidi makes a clear, simple statement, and even gives a REALLY reasonable response to “you shouldn’t make this statement” (since vocal republicans rarely do well in Hollywood), and you liken it to that abortion of syntax and grammar uttered by Kardashian?

    Hell, Heidi was answering a direct question, and doesn’t think anyone really cares…

    Apparently, she was wrong. You care deeply. 🙂

    Explain to me how these two statements are alike, and how either lady is alike.

    Unless Heidi has a sex-tape I wasn’t told of, in which case I believe I will be upset… 🙂

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