John Kerry supports “Fairness Doctrine”

John Kerry supports “Fairness Doctrine”

John Kerry supports “Fairness Doctrine”


I am so sick and tired of liberals harping on, all shrill and hysterical, about talk radio being overwhelmingly conservative. So what? The answer is a government-enforced legislation requiring there to be a “balance”? Like the mainstream media is fair and balanced, right guys? Whoops, gotta be politically correct. Right, people?

Well gee, government enforcing what can and can’t be said in the media. Call me crazy, but doesn’t that go against something called… freedom of press? And there was liberal talk radio — Air America. It had a grand total of what, five listeners? It tanked, and that’s why talk radio is overwhelmingly conservative — because liberal talk radio was a disaster. A quagmire is perhaps a better word to use, since liberals are so fond of that particular word.

Hate to tell you this, but the Vast Right Wing Conspiracy is not at work here. If it was, believe me, we’d have a monopoly on all media, not just talk radio. I mean, liberals have the upper edge in almost every other forum, from newspapers to television to the blogosphere (and you don’t know how much it pains me to have to write that last one). We have the upper edge in radio, one out of four widely used news sources, and they’re getting their panties all in a bunch. Conservatives don’t get all hysterical about ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, PBS, MSNBC, The NY Times, The LA Times, The Washington Post… well, so on and so forth… being “balanced”. Conservatives aren’t shrieking about how we need legislation to fix that — because that just serves to further undermine our Constitution and one of the inalienable rights housed within it. The government has no right to enforce what can or cannot be said in media — period.

And besides, what is so bad about conservatives getting their message out somewhere? Liberals’ message is overwhelmingly heard. Are they that insecure that they can’t even listen to an opposing thought?

Wait, that was a dumb question. I take it back.

Oh, and wait, I forgot. Conservatives like our Constitution. My bad.

It’s just another hole. They poke holes into our “inalienable” rights one by one, until the Constitution is just a meaningless piece of paper some dead guys wrote a long time ago. They want to take away our freedom of press with the “fairness doctrine”. They want to take away our right to bear arms any way they can, such as by imposing outrageous bureaucratic red tape on gun shops, and they want to take away our freedom of speech with “politically correct” speech requirements, hate speech enforcements, and other things like the McCain-Feingold Act.

A little at a time, they’ll keep punching holes. How long will we allow it to happen?

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