It’s a Trap: Trump Should Not Agree to an Interview with Mueller

It’s a Trap: Trump Should Not Agree to an Interview with Mueller

It’s a Trap: Trump Should Not Agree to an Interview with Mueller

You don’t have to be a first year law student to know that meeting with a prosecutor is a bad idea, even if you have a lawyer. But that seems to be exactly what Trump is planning to do. 

The latest reports are that Trump and his team are planning a meeting with Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

One source familiar with the proceedings stressed the preparation efforts is “in its infancy.”
The preparations have been short and informal and included going over potential topics with the President that Mueller would likely raise in an interview, the people said.
Trump’s team has reportedly asked for the questions that Mueller is expected to ask.
Members of the President’s legal team have been negotiating for months with Mueller’s office over potential topics that may be included in a presidential interview.
Attorneys on both sides sat down late last month in a rare face-to-face discussion about the topics investigators could inquire of the President. It was the first in-person meeting after several weeks of informal discussions between the two sides, according to two sources familiar with the talks.
In that session — which Mueller himself did not attend — the special counsel’s team provided more specific details about the topics it had originally presented to Trump’s lawyers months ago, which include the firing of FBI Director James Comey, attorney general Jeff Sessions involvement in that firing and Trump’s knowledge of phone calls national security adviser Michael Flynn placed to the Russian ambassador in late 2016.
Outwardly, perhaps it’s good public relations to maintain a promise to meet, but when it comes down to it, there should be no meeting whatsoever. Special Counsel Mueller needs to put up or shut up without the benefit of pursuing any stupid process crimes, which quite honestly almost anyone could fall prey to in this situation. And we’re talking about Trump here – not the most concise or precise speaker in the world. There is no question he has inconsistencies in his public statements, and there is about less than zero chance that Mueller would not be able to document these and call them lies.

Alan Dershowitz has a sensible take on the situation: “You can be indicted for perjury even if you tell the truth.” How so? If someone else contradicts your statement, you could be in hot water for the inconsistency. Scary stuff: “Perjury Trap.” Dershowitz says Mueller could still subpoena Trump to speak in front of the grand jury, and if that happens, Trump should argue an impingement on his Article II powers.
The executive Power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America.
Trump’s outside lawyer, Jay Sekulow, Chief Counsel at the American Center for Law and Justice (counter-actor to the ACLU) is a stellar attorney. It is unimaginable that he would allow a meeting to take place, unless there is some other strategy in the works. We shall see.

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