Intelligence Points to “Two-Hour Timer” on Russian Jet Crash

Intelligence Points to “Two-Hour Timer” on Russian Jet Crash

Intelligence Points to “Two-Hour Timer” on Russian Jet Crash

Investigators analyzing the deadly crash of Metrojet 9268, the Russian jet that crashed in Egypt, have uncovered intelligence about a “two hour timer.” Though investigators haven’t confirmed the source of the reference, there are two theories: intercepted communications between known terrorist operatives or the existence of physical evidence.


A source not authorized to speak on the record said that based on facts uncovered so far one of the working theories is that a bomb was planted at or near the fuel line or where it attaches to the engine, with the fuel burning off the explosive. This theory would explain the lack of residue immediately found.

“If proven accurate, if ISIS did put a bomb on this aircraft which I believe to be true, it’s a new chapter with respect to ISIS,” said Texas Republican Rep. Mike McCaul.

McCaul, who receives regular classified briefings and cannot discuss specifics, said that the Obama administration has consistently underestimated ISIS by stating that the focus of their march is to gain more territory – not to expand their global reach.

“We always assumed Al Qaeda had this capability but now if ISIS has this capability, the threat to American airlines as well and our homeland, I think is very significant,” said McCaul.

The jet disintergrated approximately 23 minutes into the flight, so investigators are now focused on a “90-minute window” before the flight took off and who had access to the jet. They are interviewing all members of the ground crews, all who had access to the departure lounge, and they are reviewing surveillance images and videos.

When a Department of Defense spokesman was asked on Tuesday whether any of the C-4 provided to the Iraqi military had been obtained by ISIS, he gave the typical political answer of Washington.

“We don’t have any reason to believe that any U.S. munitions were involved in whatever transpired with the crash itself,” Pentagon spokesman Peter Cook said. “We’re still waiting for the investigation to run its course.”

Although ISIS claims of responsibility are a third data point strengthening the idea of an insider accessing the jet prior to takeoff, the U.S. government and the intelligence community continue to emphasize that firm conclusions have not been reached about the cause of the explosion and the crash.

If ISIS is responsible will our Coward-In-Chief be content only using more strong language condemning their actions? Or will something finally be done to stop an enemy who is arguably far more brutal than any we’ve seen in the modern era? Let’s not hold our breath. After all, President Obama is probably far too busy with perfecting his golf swing, preaching about inequality, or screeching about how racist white America is.

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