In honor of Earth Day…

In honor of Earth Day…

… here’s your Goracle lie for the day.

Most of us with a modicum of common sense already know that Al Gore’s fictional film, An Inconvenient Truth, was full of crap. I call it fictional because that movie was so full of lies, manipulations, and, well, crap that there’s no way you could call it a documentary.

ABC news points out just how fake it actually was — they used computer generated images from the fictional movie The Day After Tomorrow. Newsbusters has the transcript:


(Voiceover) Wait a minute, that shot looks just like the one in the opening credits of ‘The Day After Tomorrow.”


Yeah, that’s, that’s our shot. That’s a fully computer generated shot. There’s nothing real in there.


(Voiceover) Audiences expect Hollywood to twist fact into fiction. But Gore’s documentary does the opposite, using a fake shot to make a real point, that ice shelves are disappearing, and vanishing ice means global warming.


That was one hell of a shot. I think it’s great that he used it.


(Voiceover) It seems the decision for now is left to the audience. Can the same created image educate and entertain us about our planet in change?


(Off-camera) And it raises another question for you to consider. Is it wrong for a documentary to use a fabricated Hollywood shot to make a point, even if there’s science behind it? Well, we tried to ask Al Gore and the movie studio, but neither responded to our calls.

Interestingly enough, this clip was cut from the video ABC posted on their website. Wonder why they felt they needed to do that.

Of course, if global warming wasn’t a huge scam, then the Goracle wouldn’t need to use fake Hollywood shots to push his point. If the science was accurate and reliable, he wouldn’t have to just make stuff up. But he’s got an agenda to push, dang it, and he’ll do whatever he needs to do! Who cares if the ice in Antarctica is actually thickening? Global warming is real, because Al Gore says it is!!

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  • Sassy Poker says:

    Don’t y’all worry, the Ice Age is coming.

  • mkfreeberg says:

    I was just noticing in this thread about Lutz what incredibly rude and nasty people these global warming proponents are. The name-calling doesn’t have to be provoked, in any way. It’s just…there. Also, do take the time to chase down some of these links they’re throwing at the “skeptics.” I dunno if Socrates or Aristotle would be pleased with that method of argument.

    But what this is really about, is the true nature of these things called “errors” and these other things called “lies.” They don’t really count, if brandished in service of a larger “truth”.

    I think what it’s really all about is ego. Once people “fall” for something, they get very angry if they see someone else not falling for it. That, and the fact that a lot of these people are just dyed-in-the-wool liberals. And being liberal has very little to do with being nice.

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