Ignorant Americans – the Viral Threat

Ignorant Americans – the Viral Threat

Ignorant Americans – the Viral Threat

The “ignorant Americans” are on display in our country. If ever there was a virus that threatens our nation, and the world, this is it. In 10 years when we look back on this time in our history and ask, “how did it happen?”, willful ignorance will be our answer. At no time in American history has the population been more highly educated, yet so stunningly ignorant of facts and rationality. A country of gleeful followers in the ever changing dynamic to eradicate American history, and shift the culture of our county. They follow the “Pied Piper” du jour, stepping in time to the static drumbeat… “Black Lives Matter… Me Too… Cancel Culture… Police Are Criminal… America is Genocide…Topple the Patriarchy… Destroy the statues.”

Never questioning the message, never looking for the facts, the ignorant are incapable of contextualizing the facts behind the slogans. They are willfully obedient slaves, without the excuse of being “uneducated masses.”

Let’s review some of their actions (behaving like ignorant toddlers), and acknowledge the truth of their aspirations (destroying America as we know it).

Then look at the unlikely group returning fire on the mob.

Racist Statutes Must Be Destroyed!

Well okay. There is a process for the removal of statuary, petition the government to remove the offending images. Majority rule, start a petition and have a ballot measure. In some cases the statutes were erected to appease the minority, and if offered the option the majority would happily to see them go. But in eating a gluttonous slice of ignorance pie, the vocal, destructive mob can’t wait for democracy as intended. Their embrace of anarchy, and destruction misses the hypocrisy of their actions. Like good followers, they believe what they have been told without question– their actions serve the greater good. The ignorant decry the oppressive actions of those enshrined, while engaging in oppressive actions.

Or as The National Review writes,

By their nature, mobs carry with them the same deficiencies as the dictator. Mobs crowd out deliberation, intimidate dissenters, coopt the silent and weak, and make a mockery of pluralism. It is almost certainly possible to remove some statues without falling down a slope so slippery that we knock all of them down along the way. But not at the moment — while the rabble is running wild.”

Statues and the Ignorant are Everywhere

Did you know that Gandhi, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Lincoln, U.S. Grant, and Winston Churchill share an evil thread so pervasive that survival of humanity demands their images be eradicated? Me neither. But all have had their statures defaced and destroyed by the mob. The National Review writes,

Of course, no such philosophy exists — and nor will it. Rather, we find ourselves in the middle stages of a cultural riot in which everything — and everyone — has become fair game. What do Cervantes and Stevie Ray Vaughan have in common? Well, that they are both made of bronze, and are thus liable to make a sickening thud when pulled by force from their pedestals. The violence, to borrow a fashionable phrase, is the point.”

Thank You Mob of Ignorance! My children will forever be free from the influence of the world’s shining examples of freedom, and Rock’n’Roll. Will you be getting around to the statue of Lenin in Seattle?

In his Classicist podcast “Revololution, Overreach, and American History”, Victor Davis Hanson asks the simple but insightful question,

What are you going to replace them with? …. Are women going to suspend their prohibitions against violence when we start looking at Martin Luther King… because we know at times he physically assaulted women, he was a philanderer….Once we go down the line that we have to be perfect to be good, everybody suffers from it…”

Iconography Through a Prism. AKA, “yours is racist, but mine is…complicated” ~ The Ignorant

Victor Davis Hanson writes in, “How Cultural Revolutions Die — or Not

Unlike coups or political revolutions, cultural revolutions don’t just change governments or leaders. Instead, they try to redefine entire societies. Their leaders call them “holistic” and “systematic.”


If racists understandably do not deserve their names on national shrines, what to do with the iconic liberal graduate program at Princeton, the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs? It was named for a president who did more to further segregation and racial prejudice than any chief executive of the 20th century. Stanford and Yale, coveted brand names of the progressive professional classes, are named after people whom protestors now deem racists.”

Uh, that’s awkward. But the educated ignorant have the ability to rationalize their hypocrisy – to a point.

The Ignorant Cannibalizing Themselves

This brings us to the next step in the cultural revolution, cannibalism. When the ignorant mob grows close to overtaking their leaders, the rug will be removed and the mob will fall.

Unless it doesn’t. History is filled with examples where the mob overthrew their leaders or was reignited by an unexpected outlier. Trained to follow, not to think, the mob then comes for their own. Hanson continues,

Sometimes cultural revolutions don’t die out — if they are hijacked by a thug or killer.

The National Socialist movement was an irrelevant nihilist mob of crazies until Adolf Hitler turned it into his personal genocidal cult. A murderous Stalin resuscitated the absurdities of Lenin’s failing Bolshevism.

The present madness will wane like a virus, as it eats its own and terrifies its sympathizers that they may be next — unless, of course, a would-be Napoleon uses a “whiff of grapeshot” and turns the mob into his personal cult.”

Fear ignites the mob, and fear ends it. But sometimes the instigators are overtaken by their pets, and everyone pays the price for rabid dogs.

Stumbling to Insight, The War for America is Underway

In a pervasive series of speeches and campaign ads, Joe Biden states that this election is a,

Battle for the soul of this nation. Who we are, what we believe. It’s all at stake.”

Even a blind squirrel can find a nut, and Biden hits the nail on the head with the plot point in our national timeline.

Are we a country where mobs ruled by ignorance, bereft of rational thought, will shape our culture and forever change who and what defines America? Those same mobs determine what it means to be American, setting arbitrary qualifications. Shouting down and cancelling out those who disagree?

If the answer is yes, then we have resigned ourselves to becoming Nazi Germany. The modern day Maoist Cultural Revolution, killing off dissenters and demanding reeducation for the masses. A country where a perceived slight demands self-immolation in the hopes of rising from the ashes in a Phoenix like transformation into being woke.

This is the very fabric of the current mob rule. The connective tissue between BLM, Cancel Culture, Iconography eradication, debasing police etc. The shared goal is destroying America as we know it. Replacing it with “a new normal” for “the greater good.”

But it’s never going to be enough for them. Eventually everyone is guilty of some offense.

Modern Day Jesters, Unlikely Hero’s of Freedom

In the time of appeasement to the whims of the rulers (Mob or otherwise), the Court Jester reigned supreme. The only individual allowed to highlight the shortcomings of the ruler. Today those modern jesters have taken a hit at the hands of cancel culture. But they are unabashedly striking back. And in doing so, carving a pathway out of the insufferably ignorant mob rule. They are brash, abrasive, and in our faces. Taking on the bullshit whiners who can’t reason to the heart of a topic (no surprise, as understanding wit, sarcasm, and humor often requires a higher order of thinking). It’s also no surprise that throughout history, the mob comes after the jesters. The writers. The poets. The thinkers, and most importantly, the ones who make us think.

(Warning: There is language that you may find offensive in this video. See, I’m not entirely insensitive. I gave you a heads up. Don’t confuse it with caring about your sensibilities. That’s on you).






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  • SFC D says:

    These “educated idiots” have spent their entire lives being told WHAT to think instead of being taught HOW to think. That’s indoctrination, not education. We’re now ass-deep in mindless little drones doing their liberal master’s bidding. CHAZ/CHOP, their progressive utopia, became exactly what they claim to hate in less than 48 hours. But, much like communism, they’ll claim “they did it wrong, we’ll get it right next time”.

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  • Harlan says:

    Not just ignorance, but systemic ignorance, entirely propagated and cultivated by academia.

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