ICYMI: Hillary Clinton Asked To Inscribe “Hard Choices” To Ambassador Stevens (Video) – and Weekend Links

ICYMI: Hillary Clinton Asked To Inscribe “Hard Choices” To Ambassador Stevens (Video) – and Weekend Links

In spite of her failed sluggish book sales, Hillary Clinton was out this week in DC doing a book tour for her latest missive called “Hard Choices”. There, she was approached by the always fearless Jason Mattera and, well, it was pretty awkward but damn delicious

Handing Hillary a copy of her book, Jason says:

“If you could make it out to Christopher Stevens. I think you knew him.”

Hillary, surprised by the request, replies:

“Yeah, I’m not gonna make it out to Chris Stevens.”

Mattera, with balls of steel, follows up with, “What difference does it make?” referencing the soundbyte heard around the world – her hateful 2013 Senate testimony before the Foreign Relations Committee.

Here’s the video of Jason and Hillary:

Did you notice her icy smile as she moved on after their exchange? Effortlessly. Calculatingly. I suspect she was actually mentally dispatching her flying monkeys at that point, to gouge Mattera’s eyes out. Also important, Jason points out, Hillary had quite a security detail with her which included filling up a town car, two SUVs, and consisted of security personnel from the building she had just exited — this being far more security than Stevens, Smith, Woods, and Doherty had that awful night in #Benghazi.

So what do you think? Find “ambush journalism” distasteful?

I guess there was a time when I thought it was rude, even disrespectful, but these are different days now. Everything has changed for all of us. Today we’re dealing with dereliction of duty, lack of leadership, and the dismantling of the entire security structure of our country by a corrupt administration in ways we’ve never had to deal with before. It’s up to us to expose it at every turn because we haven’t been able to count on mainstream media for years. I’m now a firm believer that for every punch, we need to punch twice, harder. Was this moment between Hillary and Jason earth-shattering? No. But it was filled with awesomey goodness. More please.

Our “Weekend Links” are below the fold!

Great Weekend Blog Reading Links!

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Have a terrific weekend!

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  • VALman says:

    Considering how quickly she lost the Democrat nomination to him in 2008, I wonder, should the right person come along, whether history might repeat itself. Moreover, she now has additional “baggage” she didn’t have then. Regardless of what anyone says, one needs to keep closer tabs on Warren than Hillary.

    Moreover, I believe there seems to be an increasing awareness of and intolerance for flimflam. This doesn’t bode well for Hillary or any other practitioners. Also, the best thing to come out of her book, “Hard Choices,” is that she makes “Poor Decisions.”

  • Roman says:

    While “ambush” journalism can be very distasteful, many times it is the only time some people are confronted with tough questions. No one wants to answer questions that do not flatter them, or advance their cause. In this journalistic climate, most left leaning people will not have to provide information that is meaningful.

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