Humor Is A Must While Living Through A Pandemic

Humor Is A Must While Living Through A Pandemic

Humor Is A Must While Living Through A Pandemic

A sense of humor is going to be absolutely essential to everyone in this current moment, if we are going to get through it with our sanity intact.

There is a clearly discernible middle ground between the “point of no return we will all die hoard the toilet paper” crowd, and the idiot spring breakers who are determined to party even if they die. As we physically distance ourselves, there are many things that can still bring us together. And if you can keep a sense of humor, a good laugh is one of those things.

Remember the BBC interview of Professor Robert Kelly, who was working from home in South Korea when his children came waltzing into the background – followed by his frantic wife?

For those who are telecommuting and working from home right now, trying to videoconference with our co-workers, we are ALL Professor Robert Kelly right now. And if these don’t make you laugh, then you need to find your humor bone.

Let us all take a moment to think of poor Jennifer, who is probably thankful at this moment that she doesn’t have to go into the office. And by now, she’s learned how to turn off her camera, so her co-workers will likely never see her again.

And this is happening all over.

The current joke is to refer to family members and pets as your “co-workers.” When your co-workers decide to walk in without pants on, it’s a problem. When they interfere with your ability to actually work, it’s a problem.

But it’s absolutely hilarious and we could all use the laugh right now. In fact, if we can’t keep laughing and try to maintain some humor in all of this, we will go nuts. It might seem that there is very little to feel humorous about, especially if you keep close watch on the news items and are only watching the death numbers tick up and the stock market numbers tumble down amidst petty Democrat bait-and-switch moments that are apparently designed to never let a crisis go to waste. Early voting and abortion access and debt forgiveness should TOTALLY be part of the coronavirus stimulus package, right???

This is why keeping a sense of humor is critical. It is way too easy to get derailed by all the news out there, good and bad. So if your “co-worker” crashes your online meeting, it really is just providing a moment of levity for everyone watching. Or if you decide to share what’s going on via social media, even better.

With so many of us staying at home, working at home, tripping over everyone else in our home, it’s essential that we not lose any appreciation for the humor that might pop up in the moment. We need to find the funny, even in tough times. Sometimes, a good laugh is the emotional release you really need.

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