HuffPo: Killing My Baby Was A Magic Moment!

HuffPo: Killing My Baby Was A Magic Moment!

HuffPo: Killing My Baby Was A Magic Moment!

Nothing brings home how far our culture has fallen than in watching the Moloch Choir given center stage in the public square to celebrate abortion, complete with spotlights, confetti and professional cheerleaders.

And, lo unto anyone who is less than an enthusiastic performing seal, clapping and barking approval of baby killing. Because, you see, killing your baby is a magic potion that will cure your past, secure your future, whiten your teeth AND make you a better mother.

Ending my unwanted pregnancy was the immediate, unwavering plan, because I had a number of other life plans, too. (snip)

I planned on becoming financially independent, unlike my mother, who was so reliant on my father’s finances that leaving him was an impossibility. I planned on becoming a successful writer — a plan that I had made when I was a child obsessed with filling the pages of her many lock-and-key plastic journals.

And while I had never wanted to get married, I did plan on finding someone I could build a life with; someone who made me feel safe, and loved, and respected — the antithesis of the vast majority of the men in my life. Perhaps, that plan would include starting a family, in which case I intended to be the mom I wanted and needed to be, too.

Author Danielle Campoamor wants you to know that her “life plans”, her daddy issues, her bad choices in sex partners, not only justifies the sacrificing the life of her unborn child but is an act immune from any criticism.

Abortion was just the elixir she needed, otherwise I wouldn’t be the attentive and adoring mother I am today if it wasn’t for my abortion.

Of course, she doesn’t know that. There’s no acknowledgement of the reality that she could have both given her baby life and gone on with hers alone via adoption. Her litany of personal challenges is little more than a self-justifying screed demonstrating she never considered the baby she carried as anything more than a vehicle of revenge – on her parents, on her boyfriend, on the world that wasn’t working the way she demands it work.

She sings a shrill song of one note — me, me, me! Even the cutesy “pregnancy announcement” pic of her, her “partner” and her eldest son with holding a sonogram of her second son in-utero, she deliberately wears a t-shirt emblazoned with the line Reminder: This is a fetus, not a baby, because science (sic).

Isn’t that special?

Campoamor is little different than the 500 signatories to a letter demanding they be free to access the baby killing fields least they lose a chance at their athletic aspirations.

The Moloch Choir, from ostensible Catholic Nancy Pelosi demanding taxpayer funded abortion through the 9th month to this woman angrily stating that dismemberment is an act of love …

… Campoamor and ilk hold their unborn children as hostage for their demands. If we wish to see less killing of healthy babies of healthy women we are to pay them.

if they [pro-life people] really wanted to help us be the best parents we can possibly be, they’d pass mandatory paid family leave, universal child care, equal pay for equal work, and fight to lower rising maternal mortality rates.

There are words for females like this. I will let you make your own list.

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  • Scott says:

    I’m not sure what words you’re talking about Darleen, but it sure seems that these “women”

    Can’t Understand Normal Thinking…

  • Mike-SMO says:

    I support abortion on demand so the mother may survive.

    Long, long ago my late wife almost died delivering our third. The doc saved the day (and the son and wife) and said, “Never get pregnant again”. She responded, “OK. Tie my tubes”. The reply was, “No. you might want to have other children”. Duh! She found a new physician.

    Her periods were erratic, and we were careful, but that ended car camping and expeditions to the outlet malls since that would put her at the mercy of a local “witch doctor”. An abortion would have been life saving.

    Decades later, friends and co-workers of my wife, wanted a second child. The woman had miscarried several times so it was not an easy thing. Her long time doc thought he could deal with “the problem” but if she went to eclampsia, he would not consider an abortion to save her life. For those without experience/education,eclampsia is life-threatening and can develope in a matter of hours most often between 2 and 3 AM when all senior docs and judges have their phones turned off. The friends had to have a new doc on “stand by” & “out of pocket”. That was insurance, she delivered a cute, and eventually an intelligent girl without incident.

    I’ll grant that women who use abortion as a form of “birth control” are stupid and are risking their health, but I do not accept that as a cause for abortion restrictions. The Mother must live.

    Considering the poor quality of all education, I wouldn’t be surprised about “unintentional” pregnancy. Then there are those minorities who think that “soaking” is not sex. The “mother” always gets to decide.

    The Texas law on “heartbeat” is a joke and a hazard. “Heartbeat” does not mean “life”. Hearts are frequently stopped due to accident, anoxia, heart attack, etc., and are almost as often restarted. Heart stoppage is delt with in First Aid, EMS and hospital situations. A stopped heart doesn’t indicate life or death. It is a symptom. The Texas law seems to grant “anyone” standing to initiate a ruinous suit over any abortion. You and I both know that the next step is to grant standing for a suit on freedom of religion or “truth” in free speech. That law creates a precedent that is dangerous beyond belief.

    A pregnancy is the most dangerous situation that a woman is likely to confront. Always, she gets to decide if she wants that risk. If you don’t like abortion, then teach about “morality”, biology and birth control. Whatever you do, there will be fools around. Not my problem. Shouldn’t be a woman’s problem. Teach the guys, also. They seem to be involved in some way.

    • Darleen Click says:

      I’m sorry for you and your wife’s experience. But obviously she is not one of the healthy women I’m talking about. She has a tragic medical reason for abortion to save her own life. NO pro-life person advocates allowing the mother to die. NONE.

      And pregnancy is the “most dangerous situation”? Not even close. It certainly doesn’t make the top-ten of leading causes of death of women per the CDC.

      Again, I specifically said in this column and my previous one on the “athletes with aspirations” that it is disingenuous to try and equate the tragic and sad circumstances of your wife with the vast majority of abortions that are done on healthy unborn children in healthy women for mere convenience. It is a permanent solution to a TEMPORARY condition.

      The Texas law will eventually be litigated through all levels of the court. It may not stand. But that still doesn’t equate to the sheer irrationality of the position that a baby is only a baby if mom wants it. Want to talk about “slippery slopes”? We already see the cheapening of human life beginning with the conditional humanity — from *assisted* suicides right into legal euthanasia and calls for legal pressure on people who do NOT want to abort a baby with Down’s syndrome.

      It used to be “safe, legal and RARE”, now abortion is to be an “act of love.”

      I say “no” to the Gosnell Party and the Moloch Choir.

      Peace out.

    • Mike says:

      FACT: If you combine abortions due to rape + incest + health of the mother (there really is no such thing) + chromosomal issue = 1.2% of all abortions.

      That means 99.8% of all abortions are entirely elective.

  • SFC D says:

    I’m curious if the aborted baby was feeling any “love” during the procedure. I’m sure there were many things felt, but love is probably not on the list. Ghouls.

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