Hope During the Temporary Wuhan, China coronavirus

Hope During the Temporary Wuhan, China coronavirus

Hope During the Temporary Wuhan, China coronavirus

“Fairy tales are more than true: not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten.” ― Neil Gaiman

Among the things that annoy me most are the Debbie Downers, the Whiney Williams, and the Sour Sallys and those, by design or temperament, want to crush out all hope. Any serious student of history understands that human life is a story of trying to strive in a world where nature is out to get you.

Stop allowing others – media, family or friends – who are running about with their hair on fire, to catch you up in the assholery. Somewhere between closing the borders and shutting down whole cities and counties with shelter-in-place, there is a reasonable balance.

I hope they find it soon because it appears that governors and mayors are playing one-upsmanship in what new restriction with MOAR DRACONIAN FLAVOR they can enact. This isn’t helping the people we depend on, like truckers.

For over-the-road truck drivers who live out of their trucks and may not have the resources to prepare meals in-cab, these restaurant restrictions are a major problem. Not only is it tougher to find a hot meal, but already isolated truck drivers have fewer opportunities for human contact.

I want to list some nice, hopeful things I’ve run across. I ask you to list anything you’ve run across in the comments. Suggestions, too. Like buying giftcards from your fave restaurant to give them some cash flow during this downtime.

Let’s start with this frankly adorable PSA from Max and Mel Brooks.

If you’re one of those lazy bones who still has their Christmas lights up … AWESOME!!! Light ’em up!. Shine that hope!

And for parents with kids home from school for an indefinite period, the need for a light at the end of the tunnel is especially significant, which is why a call to get the Christmas lights back out is taking the internet by storm. I mean, if you’re going to be stuck in your home, you might as well make it look pretty, right?

With the closures of schools, a lot of spring activities are being canceled. But here is one high school’s musical performance group to use technology to sing “together”.

I’ll leave you with this:

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  • GWB says:

    On the gift cards, just be aware that if it’s a chain it likely won’t help them at all, as the purchase price goes to the parent chain, and won’t trickle down to the local establishment until you actually use the card to buy something.

    OTOH, a lot of places are doing delivery. So you’ve got that option.

    Me, personally, if they’re open, I would prefer going in and having a seat. Defy the fear-mongers. (Obviously lots of caveats with that – be smart.)

    Some folks are organizing their neighborhoods, offering to shop or whatnot for their at-risk neighbors.

    Take your family shooting. Social distance is usually maintained on a gun range, and you can work some frustrations out. Take your neighbor shooting – you might create a 2A supporter.

    • Darleen Click says:

      You’re right about a chain. Thanks, GWB, I forgot about that.

      And I hope everyone will keep that in mind. But there’s a few eateries in my area that I love that are single-standing, family owned places. Those are going to be the ones hit the hardest. The restaurant biz is always on a razor’s edge.

  • Scott says:

    Don’t have any especially great stories, other than the fact that my folks are keeping on in the trenches. Making sure they have the full protective gear, regardless if we feel it’s warranted, so as to avoid being quarantined by the state, and then being unable to serve the public. Our crews are just doing what they do, stepping up and heading out when the tones go off..

  • George V says:

    I would ask that we pray, and pray hard. Get on your knees (if you can!) and ask God for his mercy on those with the disease and those who have passed away, ask for wisdom for medical people and our leaders, and ask for help for those who now have no income, and for God’s mercy on us all.

    We’ve done quite a job forcing God from our society, Not that people in the past were all saints. Many acts were done that are grossly offensive to God. But there were many more people who kept God in their minds, on their lips, and in their hearts. And maybe that’s what’s needed now.

  • Nina Bookout says:

    Definitely have my prayer warrior going on.

    Parents in one school district I know of have banded together to gather up non-perishable items, laundry stuff, and gift cards to grocery and/or WalMart/Target for families in that district who already were in bad financial straits. Thus far it looks like there will be 2 full pickup loads for the families. 😉

    Other folks are helping senior citizens shop for supplies and also are cooking meals for them.

    Acts of kindness and hope everywhere. 😉

  • Joe in PNG says:

    One method Uncle Screwtape recommended for building anxiety is to have the idea that all the possible bad things that may happen, will happen- and all at once.
    It doesn’t help that the Media, being firmly in the Lowarchy’s camp is doing all they can to propagate this anxiety.

    Happily, even in the worst situations, we’re not called to face everything all at once- and grace is available for those times.

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