Hillary will be Secretary of State

Hillary will be Secretary of State

I know some people are surprised, but personally, I’m not. After the VP pick fiasco, if Obama wants to soothe the ruffled feathers there he’ll need to offer Hillary some kind of consolation prize. And I guess Secretary of State is it. What’s more surprising to me is that apparently, she plans to accept.

Hillary Clinton plans to accept the job of secretary of state offered by Barack Obama, who is reaching out to former rivals to build a broad coalition administration, the Guardian has learned.

Obama’s advisers have begun looking into Bill Clinton’s foundation, which distributes millions of dollars to Africa to help with development, to ensure that there is no conflict of interest. But Democrats do not believe that the vetting is likely to be a problem.

Clinton would be well placed to become the country’s dominant voice in foreign affairs, replacing Condoleezza Rice. Since being elected senator for New York, she has specialised in foreign affairs and defence. Although she supported the war in Iraq, she and Obama basically agree on a withdrawal of American troops.

Clinton, who still harbours hopes of a future presidential run, had to weigh up whether she would be better placed by staying in the Senate, which offers a platform for life, or making the more uncertain career move to the secretary of state job.

Hillary’s not doing this to build bridges or heal old wounds. She’s in a pretty good position right now, relatively speaking: she can continue on with her cushy Senate position and hope for another Presidential bid soon, or she can go for the Secretary of State position and hope it doesn’t ruin her chances for another Presidential bid. The odd thing about this to me is that Hillary is taking a job where she will be at the whims of someone she really, really doesn’t like. The good news on that front is that at least she’ll be willing to give him hell sometimes, I guess… and hopefully on important national security issues like, oh, not meeting with Iranian dictators without preconditions.

I think she’ll accept the job. It gives her the chance to continue on in the national spotlight and it gives her the chance to start making a difference, which is all Hillary’s ever wanted (even though I don’t agree with most of the changes she wants to make). The real question is, will this heal the rift in the Democratic party, or is Hillary just calculating her way through?

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  • SicSemperTyrannus says:

    One thing you can say about Hillary is that no matter how screwy her domestic policies are (Hillarycare, etc.), when it comes to foreign affairs, she does seem to act in America’s best interests. She voted to authorize use of military force in Afghanistan and Iraq, and seems to understand the threat of Islamofascism, and I think understands the threat of Russian ambitions.

    So where have you been the last 2 weeks?

  • DavidL says:

    Color me confused.

    Is this BO’s attempt to obtain some needed foreign policy credibility for his already sinking administrtion?

    Or is it a rope-a-dope to take Mrs. Clinton out of the Senate and make her into a Potemkin Secretary of State. We know that if Mrs. Clinton takes the job, she will sit in the chair, but how much power will she wield?

    I think this is a fake-out by BO. Just like Mrs. Clinton nominated Zoe Baird nnd the other, than torpedoed the nomination to get Janet Reno in office. this could a move to placate Mrs. Clinton’s voters without letting her anywhere near a sest of power. B.J. Cinton poses massive ethical problems to any would be Secretary of State.


  • Mat says:

    This is an interesting situation, I must admit. First of all, Hillary’s 60 years old. If Obama wins a second term, she’ll be 68. That will probably cause her problems, since that is getting in the “too old” realm. Of course, the media will probably portray her age as “stateswomanlike” rather than being too old as in McCain’s case. I would think that being Secretary of State would be a bad move overall, because if anything bad happens in this administration, it may very well stick to her.

  • Cylar says:

    Does anyone really think Shillary is something other than a cold, calculating, meglomaniacal bitch? Clearly she thinks this is going to help her win the presidency in some long term way. It’s been her life’s work ever since that 1993 healthcare debacle.

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