Hillary Clinton Shielded Top Adviser In Spite Of Sexual Harassment Claims [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Shielded Top Adviser In Spite Of Sexual Harassment Claims [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton Shielded Top Adviser In Spite Of Sexual Harassment Claims [VIDEO]

The New York Times broke a story last night that will be sure to garner quite a reaction in the #MeToo era. During her 2008 campaign, it seems that Mrs. Clinton made the decision to keep one of her senior advisers on her 2008 campaign even when she became aware that he had sexually harassed a young subordinate.  That’s right the woman who painted herself as a fierce defender of women during no fewer than two campaigns, threw a young woman right under the bus when it suited her to do so. Now I know that this comes as no surprise to those of us on the right. We have known for a long time now what a raving hypocrite Hillary is when she starts extolling her virtuous record of “defending women”. Like she did for Juanita Broderick? Like she did for that girl whose rapist she laughed about getting off with a lesser charge in 1975? Yeah, no thanks.

The whole situation becomes even more deliciously ironic since Mr. Burns Strider, the adviser in question, was her faith adviser. Her FAITH adviser! That is rich considering that this is the same Hillary Clinton that defended partial-birth abortion during her last campaign in 2016. My question was “What did he do for her?!”, evidently he sent her scripture readings every morning throughout her campaign.

Burns Strider (left) and Hillary on the campaign trail

When the behavior of Mr. Strider was brought to Mrs. Clinton’s attention by her campaign manager in 2008, she decided NOT to fire him but did decide to dock Mr. Strider’s pay. However, his prior bad acts did not keep her from hiring him again for her 2016 campaign. His behavior finally caught up with him when Mr. Strider, also the founder of the American Values Network, was fired by the Clinton campaign due to allegations that he had harassed yet another young female aide. The details of the harassment were enough to make your skin crawl. From the New York Times:

 “The complaint against Mr. Strider was made by a 30-year-old woman who shared an office with him. She told a campaign official that Mr. Strider had rubbed her shoulders inappropriately, kissed her on the forehead and sent her a string of suggestive emails, including at least one during the night, according to three former campaign officials familiar with what took place.”

*Shudder*.  Ironically many latecomers to the #MeToo movement have tried to tie the inspiration for the movement to Hillary’s failed 2016 campaign. However, as we all know, it was actually actresses Asia Argento and Rose McGowan who brought it to the attention of the country-as VG Jodi explored in her piece here.

Her Highness did not take the criticism lying down though, she took to Twitter to tell us all that “…all women should be heard…”. Interesting how that one word changes SO MUCH. Wasn’t she just the one in November saying that all survivors of sexual assault should be BELIEVED? My how a few months changes everything.

And last night:


Oh well, I guess we should really just chalk this one up to “business as usual” for the Clinton’s. After all, they have a very long history of lying to the American public about everything from not having sex with interns to real estate deals gone sideways, about how all those donations from countries who wanted favors from Madame Secretary went through the Clinton Foundation…what is one more epic lie? I venture that no one else will be shocked by this latest revelation about Mrs. Clinton and I most certainly can say #MeToo to that.

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  • parker says:

    There is a war on women after all, the abusers happen to be liberals.

  • michael says:

    On the Bright Side!, she was exposed & thrown under the bus by one of her most staunch and loyal defenders & excusers, the New York Times. Which seems to mean she is Finished, Over, Toast, and now has their fork stuck in her back. That gives me a warm feeling, after all the years of watching her, with their support, throw so many others under her bus.

  • Doug says:

    Perhaps she has been living in hope all this time – simply upset no one (except Bill!) has molested her?

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