Hillary Clinton Email Debacle Continues to Unravel

Hillary Clinton Email Debacle Continues to Unravel

Hillary Clinton Email Debacle Continues to Unravel

Oh, Hillary…

As more and more emails become public, we are becoming privy to both hilarious and disturbing aspects of Hillary Clinton’s days as Secretary of State. For perspective, let’s begin by taking a look at a few recent Hillary Clinton tweets.

Yet not so long ago Hillary had a differing opinion, contrary to public assumptions. An article written in 2014 addressed such assumptions.

Finally, there is widespread amnesia among Democrats more broadly, who reflexively assume that Hillary Clinton has of course supported gay marriage in her heart of hearts for years. They will experience disillusionment when they discover the truth, especially if they first catch Clinton disingenuously obfuscating.

The newest emails will quickly add fuel to a fire Hillary has been trying desperately to control.

In September 2015, Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton styles herself as a staunch defender of gay rights — particularly gay parental rights. “I’m proud of you!” she told a gay man last April, after he explained how he and his partner had adopted a little girl together.

But four years ago, Clinton was singing a very different tune. An e-mail included in the latest tranche of Clinton documents released by the State Department on Wednesday shows the then-secretary of state exploding at her staff over plans to replace “Mother” and “Father” with “Parent One” and “Parent Two” on passport application forms, complaining about the decision and refusing to defend it in the face of partisan opposition.

See the email below, courtesy of National Review:


Now to add insult to injury, we are also finding out that Hillary ignored mandatory cyber security training.

Acting State Department Inspector General Harold W. Geisel issued six critical reports that charged top officials did not submit themselves to the department’s mandatory “security awareness training” during Clinton’s tenure. The training covers procedures for properly handling of sensitive and classified government documents and how to secure digital communications.

The article continues to note that, despite warnings, allegedly all 46 employees were required to take the role-based security training course within a 6 months period, and all 46 employees failed to comply.

“A strong IT security program cannot be put in place without significant attention given to training agency IT users on security policy, procedures, and techniques, as well as the various management, operational, and technical controls necessary and available to secure IT resources,” according to NIST publication 800, the “bible” for government security.

Brig. Gen. (Ret.) General Kenneth Bergquist had this to say:

“What you have is a culture that emanates from the top,” said Bergquist. He was selected by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as the first president of the new Joint Special Operations University. He was assigned after the 9/11 terrorist attacks to the U.S. Central Command as special operations staff director.

Clinton and her inner circle of aides and advisers “have no experience whatsoever or cultural reference to security of documents and security of information. They had never really been involved in any aspects of what I call the culture of security awareness. So they were starting out from a basis of ignorance,” said Bergquist, who also worked at the Central Intelligence Agency told the DCNF.

He continued:

Bergquist said that he understood that many in Secretary Clinton’s inner circle did not want to bother with training. “They said, ‘I don’t want to spend four hours going through this type of training. I’ve got more important things to do. That’s low on my priority list,” the general said.

Bergquist called it “hubris. That kind of attitude permeates down.”

It’s clear that Hillary Clinton, as well as her staff, felt that they were above policy. They put little stock into the security her title demanded, and disregarded training put in place to protect America and her People. Says a lot about the Democrat front-runner and her minions, I’d say.

As if the above didn’t prove Hillary to be the most obnoxious elitist in the country, the following surely will.

In the latest batch of nearly 4,000 emails released Wednesday from her time at the State Department, Clinton expressed frustration in a 2010 note to longtime aide Huma Abedin over not being able to place a call to then-Rep. Diane Watson (D-Calif.), who had announced her retirement.

See the email below:


Even the left leaning Vox found the email rather funny.

As Matt Yglesias wrote a few weeks back, the Hillary Clinton emails from her time as secretary of state so far have tended to show that Washington is “more Veep than House of Cards.” There was the time she heard on the radio about a Cabinet meeting that day, and asked her staffers, “Can I go?” There was the time she asked her personal aide for several pieces of information she could have easily Googled. There was the time she sent a mysterious message with the subject “Gefilte fish” and the simple text, “Where are we on this?”

They continue:

When the White House operator asked Clinton what her direct office number was, she writes, “I told him I had no idea what my direct office # is since I didn’t call myself.” Of course, that’s just what a creative prankster trying to impersonate Clinton would say, now isn’t it?

A classic case of, “Don’t you know who you’re talking to, simpleton?” I have a feeling Hillary’s emails will continue to bring us both entertainment and shame, often simultaneously. Giving her nuclear launch codes is sounding more and more like giving Barney Fife a bullet.


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