Hamas Says More Confrontations With Israel Coming, PA Attempts to Blackmail UN

Hamas Says More Confrontations With Israel Coming, PA Attempts to Blackmail UN

Hamas and the Palestinian Authority are playing a dirty game—the only kind they ever play.  Khaled Mashaal, head of Hamas, said today that the recent confrontation with Israel in Operation Protective Edge was not the last; they have no intention of stopping what they’re doing.  Not that anyone expected them to, of course, but at least they’re being honest about their hateful intent.

“This war was forced upon us,” he said at the conference which centered on the results of the seven-week operation in Gaza.

If by “forced,” you mean “we started this crap and refuse to let it go because we love trying to kill Jews too much,” then sure.  Totally forced upon you.

Meanwhile, a senior official in Fatah announced this afternoon that the Palestinian Authority will be submitting a request to the UN to force a timetable for Israel to give up land and return to the pre-1967 borders.  If the UN Security Council denies their request, Fatah warns, then they will approach the International Criminal Court to demand that Israel be charged with war crimes.  For what, you ask?  Well, for not laying down and dying like they were supposed to.

I’m sure that Kerry will engage in some very big diplomacy.  With big words.  And tweets in all caps.  Because Obama brings his A-team to the games.

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