Gun Grabber Blood Dance

Gun Grabber Blood Dance

Gun Grabber Blood Dance

I’ve often accused gun grabbers of doing a naked blood dance in support of gun control after every mass shooting (except, of course in the aftermath of the daily carnage that happens in cities such as Chicago). The creepy, macabre blood dance is chock full of opportunistic glee. Will this be the event that propels our tyrannical agenda to the top?

Courtesy of Twitter

Enter this bag of fetid, cheap beer and taco shit.

This twisted filth posted a photo of himself on Twitter covered in a victim’s blood to promote a gun control agenda.

Imagine the 16 year-old’s mother in the hospital waiting room seeing this tweet – a slimy, opportunistic sack of swine droppings covered in her child’s blood, promoting his political views while he’s supposed to be working to save her child’s life!

Let’s just say if I were this child’s mother, I would have throat punched that moron and demanded his immediate dismissal (if he survived the beating I gave him)!

But the gun grabbers are getting desperate because theirs has been a losing agenda for more than a decade, so they have decided to step it up a notch.

Not that the doctors’ gun control agenda is anything new, mind you. They have been trying to push gun control on their patients for years by asking if there are guns in the house, by explaining the “dangers” of having firearms in the house, and using flawed, discredited “research” to promote their agenda. And because doctors are viewed as authority figures, patients more often than not will take this “advice” to heart.

This push by the American College of Physicians is merely the latest in their quest to disarm the law-abiding, but it’s bloodier, bolder, and more disgusting because it plays on the emotions of Americans and tries to shock them into supporting this foul agenda.

Problem is, doctors – like many others – are influenced by the carnage they see. It’s agonizing to work on a blood-soaked kid who was shot and even more so to have to tell the parents of that kid that they will not see their child grow up. I get it. Doctors see a problem, and it is in their nature to work to fix it and take the most direct route to do so. See a gun shot? Eliminate the gun.

Now, when I say this about doctors writ large, I don’t mean the disgusting ghoul in the screen cap above (his account has been removed), but the hundreds of decent healers out there who are emotionally torn up by the bloodshed and death they see on a near-daily basis.

Unfortunately, there are also plenty of ghouls out there, posting photos of bloody emergency and operating room floors, confronting the NRA on social media, claiming that gun control policy is their lane after the NRA publicly told them to stick to what they know.

Gun grabbers are stepping up their game, and they’re using emotional, hysterical doctors to push their agenda.

This is taking the blood dance to the next level and making it literal, instead of figurative. They are no longer clutching their pearls in faux despair, even as they squeeze their little rectums tight to avoid soiling their panties in sheer glee at another opportunity to push their agenda. This time, they are posting the photos of blood and gore – without context of course – to promote their twisted cause!

What happened to this patient?

Was he accosted by an armed thug, who more likely than not obtained his gun illegally, and whom no gun control would stop?

Was the patient a suicide case? Two-thirds of deaths by firearms in America are suicides. In 2016, there were 38,658 deaths by firearms in the United States, according to the CDC. Suicides comprised 22, 938 of those deaths. How will gun control stop this?

Was the patient involved in a gang shooting? It will seem callous to some to say this, but 71 percent of gang members are between the ages of 15 and 24. This is the prime age for gang involvement, and it’s a problem that will not be solved by gun control.

Was the patient a victim or a perpetrator?

Context matters when it comes to gun control policy, but these doctors, whose primary concern is saving lives, don’t live in that world.

That’s why they should stay in their lane and not allow politicians and gun grabber groups to dance in the blood of their patients. Policy that affects more than 300 million people should never be made in a vacuum. While doctors work to save the lives of patients who are brought into their hospitals with gun shot wounds, the rest of us work to prevent our loved ones from becoming those patients.

And although violence affects doctors just as much – if not more – than those of us who are victims of violent acts, I’m loath to believe that any doctor would want to promote policies that create more victims. Well… maybe except this dick pimple in the above photo.

So yes, doctors, stay in your lane. Understand that by disarming innocent people you would be creating more victims for the vermin who will obtain weapons – whether guns, knives, or cudgels – to prey upon the innocent and creating more patients for you to lose on the operating table.

Is that what you want?


Featured photo courtesy of: the Federalist

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • GWB says:

    using emotional, hysterical doctors
    This is the exact problem. And the “feature, not a bug” for progressives.

    I don’t have a problem with doctors advocating for gun control (other than the objections to anyone advocating it, which go to their arguments, not the person arguing). I have a problem with doctors (and you hit this) using their position of authority to insist we enact an anti-Second-Amendment regulatory scheme. Because their area of expertise is only one piece within all of which is touched by firearm possession.

    BTW, that picture of the “dick pimple” looks wrong. It appears the blood on the face mask is on the inside of the shield (because it matches one fold of the mask, and I can’t think of why it would do that on the outside of the shield). I could easily be wrong, as I am not a trauma center worker. But it makes me wonder.

    • AnneG says:

      As you say, he has a right to his opinion even if it’s wrong.
      I worked in the OR for years, sometimes in some really dicey areas. I have never seen anyone with blood smeared like that on their hat. Sprayed, yes, but wiped, no. Fake.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      GWB, I wish I knew enough to agree or disagree on the face mask. It’s entirely possible.

  • “Should you tell her he didn’t make it?”
    How about tell some little girl that her father isn’t coming home because some punk with a knife pureed his intestines? How about tell some little boy that his mother can’t stand to be touched by a male, even by him, because she’s suffering PTSD from being beaten and raped? Or ask some young wife to sign donor release papers for her newly wedded husband because a mugger crushed his skull with a length of pipe? All people that might well have gone home safely before you got your “ban guns” agenda passed.

    So, yes I care about that teenager on your operating table. But I also care about that father and her little girl, that boy and his mother, and that young husband and his young wife. I care about the hundreds to thousands of people every day who are not victims of crime because they were able to be armed.

  • Cameron says:

    Dear American College of Physicians,

    Fuck off, you statist assholes. Nothing follows.

  • scott says:

    Marta, good post, but here’s the thing, I think a big part of the problem is all the years of leftist indoctrination that Dr.’s receive during their time in college. Paramedics, who see as much or more than Dr’s, and in much less controlled environments are not nearly as big on advocating for gun control, and in fact are much more likely to be gun owners..( this could be because they don’t spend as long in college, or maybe because they are more likely to be vets…), so I’d lean more on leftist indoctrination than on the tragedies they see.
    Also, spot on that the commentary means nothing without context. If the 16 y/o he mentions was a gangbanger, I’d hapily tell the mother, and also suggest that maybe if she had any clue as to who the father was, and if she had even made an attempt at being a parent, that her boy might not have ended up this way…
    I have absolutely no sympathy for those who try and turn their little criminals into saints, nor those who seek to push their agenda in this manner.
    GWB, good catch on the mask, the “blood” on the mask is definitely on the inside of the shield, begging the question if the whole this was BS, staged to push his agenda, something we know the left does more often than not..

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      Scott, sport on for most. I will say, however, that it may not be liberal college indoctrination. I think it’s more the environment in which most doctors grew up. The vast majority of paramedics I know are college grads. More and more military medics are as well, but you rarely see them advocating for gun control. Doctors – most of them have never been in a battle field. Most of them have never faced the kind of carnage they see, and they’re not prepared for it.

  • Ratus says:

    My biggest problem with this story is that anti gunners lie.

    All the time about everything from the biggest to the smallest, easiest to check things.

    So I don’t believe that there is a “dead 16 year-old with a GSW”.

    It’s right in line with hundreds of “school shootings” that turn out to be either a crime committed “near” a school or school property of some kind late at night or a unconfirmed press report of a completely made up incident.

  • Matt N Rittenhouse says:

    Buckle up kiddies. The Democrats control the house and they are bound and determined to make the deplorables pay for electing President Trump. They are going to try and raise taxes, ban guns and any other thing that we hold dear. Unfortunately they WILL overreach because they don’t understand the fire they’re playing with.

  • Editor says:

    I guess his point was that guns can do a lot of damage to a body. Well, that’s kind of the point of guns. Before guns, it was the point of arrows. And swords. And before all that, rocks and fists.

    Doc, you’re naive if you think you have some special knowledge about guns.

  • Ichabod Crane says:


    Thank you for writing this piece on doctors and the politics (melodrama…?) of gun control.

    A humble suggestion, however, would be to update your argument with the fact that the medical profession is responsible for more deaths per annum than gun violence….by a large margin. A quick Google search reveals the May 2016 research by Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine estimates ~250,000 deaths by medical errors. In addition, the CDC website also provides numbers regarding each cause of death in America, yet, “Medical Error” is not listed.

    If the medical errors were officially categorized by the CDC, this would place the medical field in the number 3 position for causing/impacting the death of Americans.

    Now, by comparison, the Everytown gun control website estimates 21,637 suicides and 12,246 gun related HOMICIDES. Maybe it’s just me, but the difference/severity/impact between criminal “gun play” and medical errors is significant in the extreme!

    “Medice, cura te ipsum” (Physician, heal thyself) might be in order.

    Ichabod Crane

    • GWB says:

      The proper term for that “large margin” is “an order of magnitude”.

      (And I’m impressed you got three links in a comment! You must be special. 😉 )

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      Hi, IC –

      I’m definitely aware of the medical errors statistics. What I wanted to do was stick directly to these particular actions of these particular doctors, instead of engaging in a form of whataboutism.

  • Lyman Hall says:

    Before this ghoul’s Twitter account was deleted, it showed 2 tweets, and over 1,000 followers, so obviously fake. He claimed to be in LA. Some intrepid soul searched the LAPD reports for that day and found NO deaths from GSW. So, again, obviously fake.

    • Marta Hernandez says:

      Nice! I didn’t get to see it originally – just saw the screen cap – wonder if once again its the work of the IRA. They don’t just create “conservative” troll accounts, ya know.

  • Dantes says:

    I am a doctor, and this new tactic by immature doctors is unprofessional and counterproductive. After the “novelty” wears off, my expectation is that people’s initial revulsion…at the blood and gore…will be redirected towards the doctors. Do we want physicians now holding up body parts of smokers, aborted babies, or bloody clothing of car crash victims from drunk driving and texting? All to help us save ourselves, from ourselves?

  • […] think the controversy that has ensued sums up the debate nicely. I like things that work on many levels. As Glenn Reynolds notes: “The thing is, doctor’s ‘special insight’ into the […]

  • Jeremy Klein says:

    I actually hope they succeed in mandating a Federal-level gun grab. The Constitution is in tatters, universally ignored, denied, and turned on its head. The separation of powers, intended to prevent the Constitution from being defied, finally failed in the 1930’s. The ONLY thing that would move a significant portion of the population, including possibly some states’ governments, to actually take up arms and defend any part of the Constitution against this abuse would be a direct assault on the 2nd Amendment.
    If the Leftists were smart (I know, I know… ) they would shut up about guns. They’re getting everything else they want and have been for decades. The 10th Amendment lies dead on the floor. Congress does whatever it wants to do. The SCOTUS lies about the Constitution and everyone rolls over for it. No One Cares, and This Does Not End Well.

  • Brian says:

    The right to defend ourselves is not a privilege granted by the state, it’s granted by God as one of our inalienable rights. The state can choose to refuse recognition of it, but it remains a right nonetheless.

  • Tom Water says:

    Dear Doctors, socialized medicine NOW! Comrade Doctors will no longer golf or travel – helping the sick will be reward enough.

  • Doctors have learned a skill. They have learned all the variables of biological and chemical interactions and act according to their training. I’ve met very competent doctors who are like a good phone service person: they hear the complaint, they pull from the available knowledge and apply the best techniques to solve the problem.
    This does not make them philosophers, social scientists, psychologists, or even necessarily brilliant.
    It makes them good, and sometimes great, physicians. I am grateful to them all for their studied expertise but I do not believe they can always be creative in problem-solving. You’ve met doctors like that. And if they approach medicine like some of them approach politics –and some of them do– I think it best to avoid them

  • Alex says:

    Unfortunately there are stupid and or ignorant physicians, just as there are stupid professors, lawyers, and engineers. This is why colleges graduate illiterates, criminals run free, and bridges collapse. I am an anesthesiologist at a trauma center, and see nothing phony about the blood soaked mask, but that fellow should be disciplined for posting that on social media. That is literally a blood dance.
    Stupid and ignorant people tend to flock together to support their opinions when facts and history do not, and groups like the AMA, ACP, and CDC are full of them, often in leadership positions. That is why their membership numbers are so low. For example, only about 15% of physicians belong to the AMA.
    I don’t know what the cure is for this, as there will always be stupidity just as there will always be poverty. However, if medical schools required knowledge of history as well as the Krebs cycle, there would be less ignorance.

    • GWB says:

      Working in a trauma center, can you explain that weird (to me) pattern on the mask/shield? Because it really looks like the only way to achieve it is to have the blood on the mask, under the shield. That’s an honest question.

      As to a cure? The biggest one is to educate people that doctors are not demi-gods*. When the hubris (again, it’s only some, but it’s enough) stops getting fed, I think a lot of it will shrivel up and die. The rest will be less important, since the people will simply tell them to get back in their lane.

      (* Not sure how old the joke is, but “What do you call someone who got all C’s in medical school?” “Doctor”)

  • Alex says:

    The fabric of the masks and paper hats will wick blood if enough gets on it before it drys. The mask has wicked under where the plastic shield attaches.I wear that same mask every day. That amount of blood is consistent with someone fixing an arterial laceration.
    The days of demi god doctors are over, unfortunately. Yet you do get tired of being up all night fixing unnecessary traumas, be they ballistic or drunk driving. He unfortunately knows nothing of the history of gun control, and is an idiot for posting that photo.

    • GWB says:

      Thank you for the information. I have a better perspective now.

      Unfortunately, plenty of people still think doctors are perfect in knowledge, and will never question them on anything.

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