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Guess those feminist principles only go so far

Guess those feminist principles only go so far

Feministing does not like any advertising that features attractive, sexy women. Showcasing a woman’s beauty and/or body is, of course, SEXIST!!!!! and must be avoided at all costs. They complain constantly about it. All feminists apparently are against showing off the female form. From apps to burger ads, an ad with a woman in a bikini or with her breasts showing means that someone must be taking advantage of her (or of all women in general).

So imagine my surprise when, while browsing Feministing, I came across this ad.


Notice the half-naked lady on the right? Isn’t that SEXIST!!!!?

Apparently, this isn’t the first time they’ve had advertising problems. They run what they consider to be “sexist” ads, and then their readers complain, and they take them down… only to have more “sexist” ads pop up. And why exactly are weight-loss ads sexist or wrong? Is it bad for overweight people to lose weight and be healthier? I guess that would interfere with all the ya-ya sisterhood, you’re beautiful the way you are so just keep stuffing your face feminist crap. So weight loss ads therefore are sexist, or something. But when it comes to making ad money, it sure is hard to say no, isn’t it? Me, frankly, I could care less if someone uses a sexy woman — or man — to sell their product.

But feminists howl about it whenever it happens… except when they are the ones getting paid to run said sexist ads. I guess those feminist principles only go so far.

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  • Chris in NC says:

    Cassy, I am glad there are people like you who go to those sites because as right wing crazy as I am, I cannot stomach even an accidental click to Kos, Feministing, etc. Just can’t do it. Thanks for exploring the septic tank of the world wide web for us.

  • When you don’t have a gun, you don’t want anyone else to have a gun. When you’re dependent on government you want everyone else to be dependent on government. When you get fooled by Barack Obama you want everyone else to be fooled by Barack Obama…and when you’ve doomed yourself to dying alone in a house full of cats, you want all other women to be doomed to dying alone in a house full of cats.

  • mj says:

    Well, even the Feministing logo looks like those cheesy truck mudflaps.

  • Rob Farrington says:

    Feministing’s pretty tame compared to another site I stumbled across, once:


    Don’t ever wander over there unless you’ve had a stiff drink first *shudder*.

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